Guiding Individuals to Become Remarkable

What if you could decode the mysteries of elite success patterns, pinpointing exactly where to channel your focus for rapid transformation? That’s what our approach has achieved.

For the last 30 years, we have observed with mounting concern as NLP companies lure ambitious individuals with 7-day or shorter courses, deceptively branded as 'thorough' and 'complete.' In reality, these providers skim the surface, withholding key insights to ensure you remain dependent on their 'techniques' and keep returning for no apparent gain. It is a disheartening reality that almost 70% of people fall short of their goals. With us, that narrative changes. Inspiritive takes a markedly different path. Our passion isn’t just imparting NLP patterns but enabling you to ingrain them deeply into your psyche so they emerge in your natural style. Drawing from the practices of the world's elite, our methods are tailored to those who dare to break free from mediocrity.

While lasting transformation will take more than seven days to achieve, it does not have to be a drawn out process. At Inspiritive, we break that myth. Our journey with you begins by crystallising your aspirations. Then, through meticulous guidance, we instill in you the success patterns of the elite, ensuring not just change but accelerated & profound growth.

Common NLP teachings

The Biggest Problem
with most NLP Companies

The landscape of NLP training is littered with surface-level instructions, which is a big problem. Too many NLP companies peddle narrow, goal-specific techniques, ensnaring learners into a cycle of dependency on their scripts and tactics. Their strategy is clear – withhold comprehensive knowledge, providing just enough to keep you coming back for more.

Amidst the cycle, the credibility of NLP has suffered. Too often, there is a lack of expertise underpinning the courses as the cycle has been perpetuated since the first short NLP program was offered. Not only does this undermine your growth, but it poses a risk of these methods backfiring in real world application.

How we make you remarkable

Emulate the Success
Patterns of Elite Individuals

Envision a future where you are celebrated at work, navigating complexities with ease, and commanding the respect and admiration of significant individuals in your life. This is not mere aspiration – it's a reality with Inspiritive. Where many restrict their teaching to scripted formats, we pull back the curtin, unveiling first-principles NLP teachings pivotal for life mastery. Our secret? Little-known NLP patterns used by elite performers.

Contrary to widespread belief, personal growth does not have to be a laborious marathon; with the right guidance, it can be a sprint. Our blueprint is simple yet profound: decode the NLP patterns employed by the world's top 1% and then embed them into your psyche. Participate with full attention, and rapid, remarkable transformation is not just promised; it's guaranteed. Rest assured, we stand beside you, every step of the way.

Real-life success stories

Helping High-Achievers
Become Remarkable Every Day

Fast-Tracking Emotional Healing

Fast-Tracking Emotional Healing

Navigating the turbulent waters of emotional turmoil, John found himself adrift in a sea of anger and betrayal after an abrupt and heartless termination from his position...

Self-employed Executive Coach

Self-employed Executive Coach

A seasoned CEO of a significant investment consortium encountered a formidable challenge: closing deals worth over $1Billion was becoming an uphill struggle.


“I am a trainer myself with 20 years experience so I know what good training should be like and this hit the spot. I can say that they are among the best trainers I have ever worked with.”

Cris Popp, Australia

Meet the Inspiritive Team

Unearth the expertise and passion driving Inspiritive's mission.

Chris Collingwood


"The value of NLP lies in its capacity to distil and transfer the essence of high performance. My lifelong commitment has been to empower others with these skills, helping them not just to cope with life's challenges but to excel."

Jules Collingwood


"My passion for NLP developed through discovering the patterns I use to make sense of the world and my own process. When working with people I want them to develop the capacity to think for themselves and manage their emotions with independence.“


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