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Confidence Crisis in
Billion-Dollar Deals

Navigating the world of high-value investments, a seasoned CEO of a major investment consortium found himself facing an unexpected challenge: his own wavering confidence. Commanding deals that amounted collectively to more than $1 billion, he began to feel the weight of his responsibility. Each transaction was not only about numbers but, in his mind, had become an ongoing test of his capacity, commitment and response to the trust placed in him by stakeholders.

The crux of the issue was not just about losing potential millions, though that was a significant concern. It was deeper; it was about the erosion of certainty at pivotal moments, the haunting sensation that decisions were not reaching their greatest potential, and the creeping doubt that he might be letting down the very investors who believed in him. His unease was magnified by the fact that he could not ascertain the exact magnitude of opportunity costs, making the challenge all the more intangible and daunting.

Self-employed Executive Coach


Reclaiming Executive
Self-Belief & Confidence

Upon my engagement as his Executive Coach, the primary mission was crystal clear: Equip him with well-founded and unwavering confidence to empower him to deliver unparalled value consistently.

In our first session, we explored the roots of his challenges:

  • A lurking limiting belief about his prowess as a CEO threatened to overshadow his achievements.
  • Despite having a gut instinct, he often hesitated, sidelining his intuition during crucial decisions and negotiations.
  • There was a noticeable gap in his ability to step fully into the shoes of critical stakeholders, inhibiting him from understanding their core needs.

To address these, we employed a range of New Code NLP processes. We dismantled his limiting belief meticulously and replaced it with a resilient, supportive one, reinforcing his stature as a precise and potent C-Level executive. We honed his intuitive skills, emphasising their importance in decision-making. Finally, through role-playing, with him taking on the stakeholders’ roles and me stepping into his shoes (with his guidance), we unveiled key insights into how slight behavioural shifts can influence outcomes substantially.


Breaking monthly
Performance Records

The turnaround was meteoric and left an indelible mark not just on the CEO’s professional trajectory but also in the annals of his consortium’s success stories. After only two sessions, the winds shifted so dramatically that he found himself in the midst of what he described as “the highest performing month of my career.” It was not just about numbers, though they were impressive. It was the transformation of a leader who once hesitated at crossroads to one who forged ahead with unparalleled and justified confidence.

The tangible outcomes spoke volumes. Three of the previously challenging investments were not just closed but optimised, adding millions to their value. The ripple effect of his transformation was palpable. Stakeholders, colleagues, and even competitors took notice, leading to a flurry of phone calls praising his newfound vigor and seeking the secret behind the drastic change. Such was the efficacy of our collaboration that it went beyond mere professional enhancement. Our three-month journey, though ending due to geographical constraints, left behind a legacy of success, trust, and rejuvenated leadership.

“I’ve just experienced the highest performing month of my career. I am getting calls from people asking me what has happened and to keep it up.”

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