Composing a Brighter Future

Design A Future That Is Aligned With Your Values

Composing a Brighter Future is a weekend learning program exploration of how you specifically make choices that deliver exceptional outcomes in a timely and elegant way.

Composing a Brighter Future

Personal Evolution and Risk Management 

When you engage fully in fascinating and generative activities with a level of risk that suits you, business, relationships, sport and leisure flow in a coherent and satisfying manner.

To achieve this, you will become clearer about what you find rewarding in different time frames and contexts.

Discover what that quality of life gives you, what else you need to learn or change to make the most of life and what constitutes risk for you.

When you have choice in your personal states and you can identify and develop your outcomes with reference to their contexts and consequences, you have the resources to experience long-term satisfaction and reward.

The Benefits of Attending this Seminar 

  • You will acquire (or refine) an energising sense of purpose and direction in your life
  • You will build a compelling vision of your future that fulfils your most important values
  • Increasing choice to promote patterns of behaviour that serve you and create the direction you want
  • Creating engaging pathways with outcomes and intentions for your future direction
  • Defining and organising the resources you need to achieve your vision
  • The ability to identify and use acceptable levels of risk in multiple contexts
  • Developing a renewed sense of acceptable and unacceptable risks for different contexts and outcomes
  • Changing outdated patterns and limitations to add options and possibilities

Who is this For?

These packages have been designed for;

  • People that want a clear direction and greater satisfaction in their working life.
  • People that want a more fulfilling existence than they currently have.
  • Someone that wants to make a significant positive change in their personal, professional or social life.
  • Anyone who wants to have a lifestyle in which their deepest values can be fulfilled.
  • People that want to make a significant difference in their world.
  • Someone that wants a career, job or business that is aligned with their values and is truly fulfilling.

Outcomes of this Seminar 

  • Recognise and accept where you have arrived in your life path at this time, so you know your current starting point.
  • Understand the underlying structures and patterns in your life so you can enhance or change them to suit you now.
  • Evaluate your life material from multiple perceptual positions to confirm or redesign your intentions.
  • Assess the level of risk in your choices and identify what is acceptable to you.
  • Use your discoveries to make choices that work for you and changes to support your generative life patterns.
  • Achieve congruency with respect to these decisions. Develop and implement a plan of action here and now.

A prevailing metaphor in our culture is that the past makes us who we are and that we are a product of our personal history.

Instead of attributing a causal relationship between the past and the present the following would be more useful.

How we think about the past influences our potential options and choices in the present.

How we represent and think about the future we want to have can assist us in developing and applying resources in the present to create what we want.

And the futures we want to create can punctuate our perception of the past so that we can find resourcefulness and capability in our personal history.

A compelling future provides an excellent metaphor for exploring development and change for us as individuals. We shall be working with:

  • how the representations we carry of a desired future acts as a filter for our perception of the present and our past
  • finding reference points to plot where we are in our life
  • using reference points to create direction for the future
  • discovering our outcomes and intentions for those outcomes and identifying the costs and benefits of our choices
  • how we have adapted our behaviour to contexts
  • the dangers of over-adaptation in terms of behavioural flexibility
  • shaping and shifting context to develop new balance in our lives
  • identifying our own perceptions of risk
  • finding acceptable levels of risk for our own activities
  • increasing, reducing and mitigating the perceived risk in our lives

Who Would Benefit by Attending this Seminar?

Business people, consultants, trainers, managers, communication professionals, teachers, counsellors, sports people, extreme sports people, therapists, sales people, actors, writers, students, private individuals; in fact anyone who wants to enhance their experience of life and that of their family, friends and organisations.

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