Developing Leadership in your People

Unlike managers, leaders cannot simply be appointed. Potential leaders must have the opportunity to develop a capacity to lead. Many individuals in today’s business world have the technical skills and experience to achieve success as managers, yet they fail to engage the one resource that can make or break a business: people.

Creating leaders takes more than just a crash course on how to win friends and influence people; it takes a shift in mentality. As the well-respected management consultant Tom Peters says:

“Leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders.”

By applying the knowledge acquired after 30 years of experience and the latest research findings in human communication from the fields of cognitive psychology and linguistics, we designed a graduate program that will give you the edge you need to become a true leader, or, as we like to call it, a catalyst of exceptional effectiveness.

Our Program: 10970NAT Graduate Certificate Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Results accomplished by our graduates of this program in the corporate field include:

  • 100% increase on OLAP projects success rate.
  • Implementation time on projects dropped to between 3 and 4 months.
  • Doubled growth rate and profit percentage.

Read the full story by clicking the Graduate Story.


Australian Qualifications Framework                    A nationally accredited training for communication, leadership and personal management


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