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In the early days of NLP the training of people as practitioners of Neuro-linguistic Programming was taken seriously. It entailed rigour and depth on a par with any other disciplines worth its name. A quality NLP practitioner training involved twenty-one days of comprehensive face-to-face training, as opposed to the three to seven days, commonly accepted under the current ‘standards’.

The next step was to become a Master Practitioner of NLP, which would take eighteen to twenty days. So in order to become an advanced practitioner or Master Practitioner you needed to account for a total of 40 days training.

When you compare that to the current number of contact days offered by most providers for NLP training, it is obvious that something went awry.

That’s why at INSPIRITIVE we’ve decided to create a program designed to raise the standards back to where they need to be to provide students with the skills and knowledge to apply NLP at a high level. A training program that is in-depth, integrative, individual, innovative and inspiring.

By combining 30 years of knowledge and experience with the latest developments in this fascinating field, we have created the standard for those who truly want to become Exceptionally Effective in the NLP field:

Our Program: 10250NAT Graduate Certificate Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Results accomplished by our graduates of this program in the field of NLP consulting include like:

  • Daniel, who spends over 100 days a year delivering training programmes throughout the world in NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and New Code NLP.
  • As a professional sports coach, Peter knight, a former Master Professional with the PGA of Australia uses the NLP tools and techniques he learnt while doing the Graduate Certificate NLP for success in both sporting and no-sporting environments

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Australian Qualifications Framework        A nationally accredited training for communication, leadership and personal management

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