Leading Effective Meetings with NLP

A 1 day program that brings an effective framework to meetings and transforms organisations forever

Leading Effective Meetings teaches a unique framework that delivers immediate improvements to communication, culture and team morale

It is designed to transfer the patterns of organising, running and participating in effective meetings to all participants in a manner that is both entertaining and informative.

Typical outcomes for participants include:

  • Increased levels of staff morale
  • Improved Productivity
  • Better synergy and team collaboration
  • Enhanced resource allocation

The Cost of Inefficiency

Meetings are an integral part of the everyday business of successful companies. However, meetings have a notoriously unpopular reputation among managers and employees for being “inefficient, boring and full of conflict”.

Statistics unearthed by the 3M Company while researching its “meetings efficiency calculator” show that Chief executives spend 69% of their time in meetings, and 35% – 70% of the typical professional’s time is spent in meetings – half of which is said to be wasted time.”

Leaders spend 50% of their day in formal meetings and another 20% in informal interactions and are consistently complaining about not having enough hours in the day to achieve results. Thousands of salary dollars are tied up in meetings each year. (Conservative estimates indicate three quarters of a million dollars are spent for every 100 employees).

Imagine everything your business can do with an extra $750,000 every year.

It seems extraordinary that for so many companies the process of meetings can be so unproductive when the meeting is such a frequent part of business life.

This is because, like many other soft skills, the necessary patterns of behaviour and communication for effective meetings, need to be identified, learned, developed and applied until they are automated in the conduct and participation of meetings.

Option 01


Investment:  $197
Format: Online
Our online workshop offers maximum flexibility so you can learn vital new skills at your own pace

Run meetings like magic

The online course offers a new framework that can be implemented immediately across all levels of organisation

Keep Participants on Track

Keep time costs down and relevancy high with strategic tools that will apply to any meeting scenario at all levels of management.

Thrive in ‘The New Normal’

Get the most from online meetings and receive meaningful feedback that keeps your team moving forward

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Option 02


Investment:  $3000 per day (up to 10 attendees)
Format: 1 x 6hr day
Our one day workshop is an excellent way to quickly train your entire team and immediately boost the productivity of your organisation.

Quickly Improve Productivity

The 1 day intensive offers a new framework that can be implemented immediately across all levels of organisation

Immediate Engagement

See the ‘why’ of the program and practice applying it within your organisation or with other friendly motivated participants

Enhanced Collaboration

Discover new ideas, refine your approach and connect with your team or a wider professional network

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Option 03


Investment:  $1100
Format: 3 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions
This approach works best for individuals that are unable to commit to a full day program

Individual Attention

Get the undivided focus and attention of your coach for tailored applications that are perfect for you

Greater Privacy

Change can be deeply personal and may include challenging material. These sessions offer the comfort of privacy

Thrive at Your Own Pace

Work at a pace that works for you with the support to hone, adjust and reinvigorate yourself as new experiences arise

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“In a personal context I find I’m happier and I am achieving my outcomes more often. I can choose to be in resourceful states, I find my internal dialogues are helpful – not critical. I am changing my habits and beliefs, reinforcing the ones that bring success and creating new ones to replace the ones that generate conflict. “
~ Geoff Wade, CEO, Onirik – View Full Testimonial

Geoff is an Inspiritive graduate that uses NLP to guarantee phenomenal performance boosts for his client’s businesses

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When being the best matters

For over 30 years our lead trainers, Chris & Jules Collingwood, have been teaching people how to make changes in their lives to get the very best out of life.

Whether that is more health, wealth, love or happiness, NLP has been instrumental in making ‘the difference that makes a difference’ for thousands of individuals, businesses, organisations and communities.

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