The value of Comprehensive NLP Training

What makes comprehensive NLP training worth doing?

Think about your emotions for a moment. They are so close to you that whatever you do, that is the way you do it. You are so used to your own responses that it is hard to step back from them. Consider your beliefs and values. How do you know what is OK and what is not OK? Do you use right and wrong as a yardstick, or perhaps legal and illegal? Have you thought of using “useful”,”productive”, or “ecological” as yardsticks? And how do you track those really deep beliefs that have not been conscious for years?

Then think about time. Of course the passage of time flows as usual, doesn’t it? Actually there are many ways to perceive time. It’s hard to imagine doing it differently from your way until you experience other people’s fascinating variety. You can learn different ways of perceiving time to suit what you are doing at any moment.

What does this have to do with NLP training? Isn’t NLP training supposed to teach you to “do” NLP to other people, to counsel, negotiate and exert your influence? Possibly even manipulate, seduce and impose your will? No it isn’t.None of these is ecological unless other people are willing parties to your efforts. If they are, you are not doing anything”to” them and it is a different ball game.

Units 1 – 4 of the Graduate Certificate of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a comprehensive personal development training where you learn to manage your own states of mind first,and know where you are putting your attention. Are you aware of your state and your attention? When you are, you can shift them at will and track an interaction simultaneously. You can review your own beliefs and values and change your thinking, emotions, skills and abilities as you choose.

You learn to interact cleanly with other people. Discover your boundaries between self and other and learn to take the position of an observer like a director watching a scene unfold. Make separation between others” behaviour as you see and hear it and your responses to that behaviour. Make another distinction between what someone does or says and the meaning you interpret from that. How often do you act on your interpretation of someone’s action?

As you learn to communicate accurately and clearly, you can gather high quality information through people’s language patterns.You can track deeply held beliefs through their unspoken assumptions and ask questions. You may not remember the names of these patterns. The mark of a skilled NLP practitioner is spontaneous expression of the patterns. Sadly, the mark of many practitioners is the ability to recite NLP training exercises wordperfect. This does not lead to understanding the patterns behind the format. Nor does it breed flexibility in using NLP. It has created a generation of people who do not realise that NLP is higher logical level than its products. For example NLP is not therapy; it explains how therapies work when they do and explains their limits.

It is very important to distinguish between patterns and examples of patterns. NLP formats are not patterns. They are examples of patterns fleshed out to bring them to life for learning purposes.When you are exposed to different examples of the same pattern and different patterns in combination over the training you will acquire an innate facility which is expressed in your own style. Learning formats word perfect is not recommended. Exercises are like the training wheels on children’s bicycle to be dropped off after sufficient practice. You will have enough contact hours to practice all the skills and learn a wide variety of patterns and processes.

See the Dates and Locations for 10970NAT Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming training.

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