NLP, Psychology and Psychologists

Today, too few psychologists are enjoying applying their knowledge by finding out about NLP as a field of knowledge, a methodology for modelling excellence, and a collection of advanced communication models that are increasingly finding support in the cognitive sciences. Those practising psychologists who do choose to augment their professional and career development with accredited, graduate-standard NLP training significantly improve their personal and professional results.

Clinical Psychologists

For clinical psychologists, NLP has immediate and specific applications to high-quality psychotherapy. Graduates are able to achieve more effective, longer-lasting results by using applications of NLP as a valuable addition to their existing psychotherapy skills. Through applying NLP in the context of brief, solution-focused therapy, students improve their abilities to read and utilise clients’ non-verbal communication and subtle cues and increase their flexibility to respond using multiple methods for interventions.

One element of utmost importance that NLP brings to clinical applications is the use of generative and aesthetic frames. Graduates of our programs have the ability to naturally implement therapeutic frameworks which encourage generative change and ensure that the positive benefits created within a person’s life are acceptable not only to the person themselves, but also in terms of their entire environment and wider social networks. Applying NLP to clinical psychology attains results through accomplishing not just technically skilful work, but also through creating a real artistry in the work you do.

Social, Economic and Organisational Psychologists

The skills attained through training in NLP with Inspiritive are specifically applicable to organisational and cultural change processes, the process of managing others, coaching managers and staff and, most importantly, the ability to train others to do what you and other models of excellence can do.

Rather than simply providing a handful of techniques or giving students limiting and fixed scripts, we teach the underlying patterning and principles of NLP so that students are able to creatively apply NLP with the skill, artistry, and behavioural flexibility that are demanded by the increasingly complex workplace today, to effectively meet an organisation’s specific needs.

Psychologist Ambrose Mckinnery has been applying NLP to his practise in organisational and personal change with great success over the last five years.

Cognitive & Other Academic Psychologists

The attraction of the Graduate Certificate to academic psychologists lies in the opportunity you have to learn a practical model of applied psychology and to gain an additional level of description by getting to grips with the practical applications of cognitive psychology.

NLP training offers the possibility of seeing in action the impact and influence of effects that psychologists have known about for years through the experience of getting to grips with them personally. Inspiritive is committed to enhancing the relationship between psychology and NLP, as exemplified by our current research efforts. The Graduate Certificate offers the possibility of tying together the theoretical and practical issues of psychology and communication while exploring the intellectual antecedents of NLP and the cognitive sciences (linguistics, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and anthropology) within a learning environment structured using the most modern principles from the cognitive psychology of instructional design.

“Some of the most recent research and theories in the cognitive sciences in the areas of neural learning and mental representation directly supports the way that Inspiritive teaches. My representations of the field of Cognitive Science are highly enriched as a direct result of my training in NLP on the Graduate Certificate, and this allows me a whole new perspective for my research.”

Richard Thompson, Cognitive Science (BSc)

The Graduate Certificate NLP

Our students are some of the most successful at applying NLP in the world. Qualified psychologists appreciate that the development of worthwhile skills takes exposure, quality teaching, and significant practise. The Graduate Certificate is the only formally recognised post-graduate qualification in NLP available in Australia and among the very few available internationally. It represents a legitimate addition to your professional and career development; you are guaranteed the quality that comes with the formal requirements of a structured and modularised course that is accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

The Graduate Certificate in NLP is not just a one-off training course. Inspiritive is committed to teaching our students to high standards of excellence. We encourage and offer the opportunity for our students to repeat the course multiple times, charging only nominal administrative fees each time you repeat (find out more about this unique aspect of the Graduate Certificate). Graduates tell us that they learn at least as much the second time through as the first!

Our graduates come from a variety of backgrounds, including management, NLP, psychology and business, among others.

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