In all of our years as trainers there is a questions that potential students ask often ‘how can you use NLP?’. Here’s the answer.

If you are a living breathing thinking human being then you run neuro-linguistic programs. These are patterns of organisation both voluntary and involuntary within your own bodily system (intra-personal communication) and between you and other people (inter-personal communication). Most people’s neuro-linguistic programs are products of the person’s exposure in their early years to their family environment, school and a few people who exerted a particular influence over them for good or ill. Most people’s programs include a combination of stunningly imaginative, highly functional, relatively functional, pedestrian and nonfunctional patterns and these are expressed as the presence or absence of different talents or skill sets. Like I.Q., talent used to be believed to be innate and like I.Q., neuro-linguistic programs turn out to be changeable and thus subject to upgrading. Therefore talent can be taught and learned.

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The NLP syllabus normally taught in the first 20 days of training is a set of skills, most of which were modelled from real people. The models were examples of people described as particularly brightor even as “genius”, who have a weighting of neuro-linguistic programs at the most functional end of the spectrum. (Learn more about Modelling) . Before you start feeling totally inferior, the patterns of excellence in the NLP syllabus were not all modelled from one person. They were modelled from at least four people and probably more who were not documented. Also, every person in our classes finds at least one element completely intuitive, indicating that they already have that pattern, and at least one element is a complete mystery, indicating that it has been missing from that student’s repertoire.

The function of the first 20 days of NLP training, at the Graduate Certificate in NLP, is to ensure that every student acquires a full set of top grade neuro-linguistic programs to enhance their thinking, self-management, emotional choices, learning capacity, outcomes, inter-personal communication, imagination and creativity to name a few. So how is NLP useful to you? With a highly functional set of patterns you can influence your life to take the direction you want, you can discover that direction if you have not found it yet and you can elicit (respectfully, of course) pleasing and functional responses from the people with whom you interact and that is just a start. You can enhance your career prospects, make personal changes, develop new skills and enhance existing ones. You can even become a better golfer or driver if it pleases you.

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