This page provides a contrast between the original standards set to become an NLP Practitioner and how they differ from today’s standards.


A minimum of 20 days and 130 hours used to be the recognised time standard for NLP Practitioner trainings for most NLP Associations. The nationally accredited course in Practitioner of NLP that we used to offer required 160 contact hours. Unfortuately many training organisations have created closed associations for their participants. These are framed as broad associations that endorse a lesser time standard (usually seven days) for NLP Practitioner,¬†certification. Other associations such as the Association for NLP (UK) or the National Association for NLP (USA) are open to practitioners from many training organisations and also accept seven days training for Practitioner level membership. Please note that the short so called “accelerated” and “fast track” 7 day NLP trainings do not, in our opinion, meet appropriate NLP Practitioners standards.


In the interest of comprehensive NLP training and high quality standards, we have superseded NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses through government accreditation of a professional qualification, the 22133VIC Graduate Certificate in NLP.

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