You could read books and articles, experience coaching with an NLP trained coach or attend a top quality NLP seminar or training course. If you read before or instead of training, you will learn about NLP and maybe use the written format in a limited fashion. To learn to use NLP fluently in real time interactions there is no substitute for live experience. Reading is an excellent means of researching to help you decide when or whether you want to learn NLP. After you have done some training, reading offers additional descriptions and background to enrich your live exposure.

Reading: There are over 100 books now written on NLP. The books range from support material for studying NLP through to applications of NLP to business communication, relationship counselling, education, psychotherapy and general personal development. We have specific recommendations for Practitioner of NLP level (20 days training) reading and Master Practitioner of NLP level (40 days training) reading. Also there is a section of this site devoted to NLP book reviews.


Have a consultation or coaching session with a properly trained NLP Consultant and experience using NLP to make a change and achieve an outcome. If you live in Australia consider visiting an Inspiritive Life Coach. See the Life Coaching Web site.


Many NLP organisations have short seminars ranging from 1 day introductions through to 3 to 5 day application seminars and most organisations offer courses called Practitioner and Master Practitioner, though these are mostly only about seven days in duration and many use a scripted approach. We offer some 5 day application short courses and seminars with Guest presenters. Please note that we only invite the world’s best in NLP to present seminars for Inspiritive.

Training in NLP

You could do a professional training course in NLP. In the past Certification trainings were offered at the levels of Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of NLP and Trainer of NLP. We now offer a professional qualification in NLP, the 10970NAT Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is the first government accredited tertiary education qualification in NLP in the world.

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