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Train your brain to access high-performance states instinctively in complex situations. When pressure strikes, you don't have time to think. You have to perform. This is where most NLP companies fail to deliver tangible results: they give you scripts that might work in controlled environments but have no use in real-life scenarios when it matters.

At Inspiritive, we provide you with powerful NLP principles, allowing you to achieve mastery in any area of your life. Using advanced processes, you will understand what happens during these pivotal moments. You will discover how to use proven patterns to evoke states of high performance so you can act without hesitation. Click below to discover one of the most important NLP patterns used by elite performers in high-pressure situations.

If you are looking for training or coaching in Neuro-linguistic programming, I thoroughly recommend Inspiritive. The teaching of Chris and Jules Collingwood is first class, and clearly comes from a deep knowledge of the subject that can be lacking on the average course. Inspiritive's course is a truly immersive, and experiential process. Years on from pursuing the Graduate Certificate in NLP I still find that what I learned and developed during the course assists me in multiple facets of my life - in both personal and business settings.

I loved training with Chris and Jules. Their knowledge, delivery and demonstrations are advancing the field of NLP and they lead with integrity and excellence. In my experience with various Trainers around the world, the quality of Chris' training is unsurpassed.

I have gained life changing results for myself, my students and clients, and continue to as a result of Training with Inspiritive.

My experience with Inspiritive NLP while doing the Grad Cert NLP has been beyond anything I imagined. The training is ‘next level excellence’ in so many ways. Chris our main trainer is passionate about NLP making it fun, relevant and giving us many examples while explaining the intricacies and complexities of each dynamic and he goes above and beyond to support us reach our goals. I highly recommend this training organisation. Very grateful to you both Chris and Jules.

What you can expect

The Scientific Approach
to becoming Remarkable

Rapid & Reliable Decision Making

In the thick of challenging moments, hesitation can be costly. Our course empowers you to make lightning-fast, yet deeply informed decisions. By internalising elite NLP patterns, you'll navigate high-pressure scenarios with precision, ensuring that every choice you make is backed by confidence, eliminating the pitfalls of doubt and uncertainty.

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Mastery with Emotions

Gain a profound understanding of your emotional landscape. Emotions can be powerful allies or formidable foes. Learn methods to maintain composure, even when the stakes are high. By mastering your emotional responses, you ensure that every situation, no matter how intense, is met with poise, grace, and control.

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Influence & Leadership

We all know that one person everyone looks to in complex situations. Dive deep into the elite NLP patterns that not only elevate your personal performance but enable you to inspire and guide those around you. Cultivate a magnetic presence that motivates and directs, turning challenges into collective victories and establishing yourself as a beacon in any endeavour.

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Adaptable Excellence

The world is always changing and rigid tricks and tactics do not keep up with it. We equip you with adaptable NLP principles to ensure that you are ready for a range of situations. Whether facing personal hurdles or professional challenges, you will have the versatility to excel, ensuring that every encounter is approached with strategy, nuance, and a readiness to adapt.

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Our courses

Choose your Journey
to Elite Performance

Achieve unparalleled success with tailored programs, each designed to elevate your skills and align with your unique aspirations.

10970NAT Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Emulate the success of elite performers with Australia’s only government-accredited NLP course, personally recommended by NLP co-creator, Dr. John Grinder.

  • Designed for high-achievers
  • Elevates both beginners and experts
  • Most comprehensive NLP course in Australia
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Personalised Coaching

Accelerate your success with one-on-one NLP coaching with Chris and Jules Collingwood tailored to your unique aspirations and challenges.

  • Delivered in-person or via Zoom
  • Customised for your personal growth
  • Guidance from experts with over 45 years of expertise
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CHC81115 Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution

Learn the art of family dispute mediation. Navigate the complexities of separation, divorce, and co-parenting, ensuring a positive resolution for all involved.

  • Facilitate constructive parenting agreements
  • Gain understanding of family violence effects
  • Expertise in property settlements and resolutions
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Discover one of the most powerful NLP patterns harnessed by elite performers. Navigate effortlessly through high-pressure situations, and exude control like the top 1%.

  • Step into leadership with confidence & ease
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  • Real class taught by our co-founder, Chris Collingwood
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Unlock the NLP Patterns That Define Top Performers

Discover one of the most powerful NLP patterns harnessed by elite performers. Watch our founder, Chris Collingwood, as he teaches a real class how to lever NLP to navigate effortlessly through high-pressure situations and exude authority with the same ease and confidence that distinguishes world class leaders. Enter your contact information, and we’ll send you the course straight to your inbox.

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co-founder of NLP: Dr. John Grinder

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