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Unlock unparalleled growth through personalised one-on-one coaching. Dive deep with our elite coaches, overcoming challenges & achieving goals faster than you ever imagined.

  • Delivered in-person or via Zoom
  • Customised for your personal growth
  • Guidance from experts with over 45 years of expertisee

“I have gained life changing results for myself, my students and clients.” Mark Smith
Business Consultant

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Sit down with Chris Collingwood for a 30-minute conversation about your current situation, your goals, and the challenges that stand in the way. Together, we shall shed light on how our bespoke NLP patterns can be the catalyst propelling you to the life of your choosing. By the end of the call, you will have an actionable blueprint designed for elite performance with seamless integration into your daily life.

Remember, this session is your time, which means there are no obligations on you. There will be no hard selling nor persistent following up to force you to make a decision. Book your assessment today with no pressure to move forward unless it feels right for you.

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Tailored NLP Coaching for Personal Mastery

Our coaching sessions are 100% personalised to you, with the application of NLP tailored to elevate your performance. While the possibilities are vast, we focus on three core pillars that form the foundation of our coaching, adapted to your unique needs.

  • Gain Influence Over Your Reality: Communication shapes your identity and impact. We'll hone your skills in building rapport swiftly with key individuals, boosting your influence in crucial situations.
  • Modeling Excellence: Learn to emulate the behaviors of the world's most successful individuals. Chris & Jules will guide you in breaking down desired outcomes into replicable patterns, achieving similar results in your own life.
  • Achieve Emotional Control: Experience a transformative shift in your reaction to the world. Our coaching focuses on evolving from a reactive to a proactive mindset. You will become the person everyone looks to in challenging situations, harnessing the most effective NLP patterns for emotional control.

One-on-one coaching

Reach Elite Performance
With a Personalised Blueprint

Experience exponential growth with bespoke one-on-one coaching tailored for ambitious individuals like you. Guided by experts with over 45 years of experience in NLP, this program is more than just coaching – it's an immersion into the very success patterns that the elite swear by.

As an ambitious individual, we recognise your hunger to achieve more in life. Hence, our program, enriched with a fusion of NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and provocative therapy, offers a detailed roadmap to emulate the success blueprints of high achievers.

Whether in-person or remotely, expect a transformative and tailored journey, designed to catapult you into a league of unparalleled success. Book a 30-min free assessment below to discuss your current situation and see if we’re a good fit.


what our Students have to say

If you are looking for training or coaching in Neuro-linguistic programming, I thoroughly recommend Inspiritive. The teaching of Chris and Jules Collingwood is first class, and clearly comes from a deep knowledge of the subject that can be lacking on the average course. Inspiritive's course is a truly immersive, and experiential process. Years on from pursuing the Graduate Certificate in NLP I still find that what I learned and developed during the course assists me in multiple facets of my life - in both personal and business settings.

My experience with Inspiritive NLP while doing the Grad Cert NLP has been beyond anything I imagined. The training is ‘next level excellence’ in so many ways. Chris our main trainer is passionate about NLP making it fun, relevant and giving us many examples while explaining the intricacies and complexities of each dynamic and he goes above and beyond to support us reach our goals. I highly recommend this training organisation. Very grateful to you both Chris and Jules.

I loved training with Chris and Jules. Their knowledge, delivery and demonstrations are advancing the field of NLP and they lead with integrity and excellence. In my experience with various Trainers around the world, the quality of Chris' training is unsurpassed.

I have gained life changing results for myself, my students and clients, and continue to as a result of Training with Inspiritive.

An immersive NLP experience that's helped me both professionally and with my relationships.

The engaging team behind Inspiritive has equipped me with a useful set of skills employable in many of life's situations.

I attribute many of my positive business and relationship outcomes to the NLP Graduate Programme. I would highly encourage anyone seeking personal growth, positive change or new perspectives to train with Chris and Jules

One of the best NLP educators in Australia, Chris and Jules are unquestionably world class. Their graduate certificate is one of the best education I’ve ever had. What I learned from them enhanced my expertise in organisational change and behaviour, developed my leadership, empowered my communication and helped me set new benchmarks for excellence not only for myself, but for my clients. The tools I gained continue to enrich my life and well-being. If you want to be a better thinker, communicator and leader, or simply be better, you won’t regret learning from Chris and Jules. It’s like taking the red pill."

I am a trainer myself with 20 years experience so I know what good training should be like and this hit the spot. I can say that they are among the best trainers I have ever worked with. I learned a lot and continue to apply their methods 10+ years on. If you're concerned about whether it's value for money – I can guarantee you it is. I looked at lots of other NLP programs that were shorter or promised a lot but in the end I could not see anything that was better value or of a higher standard than in Inspiritive program. And the program doesn't end when the course finishes - I still call Chris up from time to time when I need a couple of pointers for a bit of a refresher - he's always happy to help.


Real Life Results you can Expect from Coaching

Breakthrough previously insurmountable challenges with personalised coaching. Here are some of the results our past students have achieved in the past:

  • Shattering Sales Records: A CEO escalated from struggling with 8-figure deals to recording the highest sales month of his career in just two sessions.
  • Gaining Emotional Resilience: John overcame overwhelming resentment from sudden job termination to achieve emotional serenity, thanks to our precise NLP patterns.
  • Business Growth with NLP: An IT Consultancy MD saw a 3,000% ROI, doubling profits and perfecting projects within a year using our transformative NLP techniques.

To determine if you are a good fit for coaching with Chris & Jules, schedule your 30-min assessment today at no cost.

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Schedule your free assessment with Chris or enquire to know more about our one-on-one coaching services. Regardless of what you choose, there will be no pressure to make a decision from us.

Book a conversation with Chris

Sit down with Chris Collingwood for a 30-minute conversation about your current situation. Together, we'll shed light on how our bespoke NLP patterns can be the catalyst propelling you to the life of your choosing. By the end of the call, you'll have an actionable blueprint designed for elite performance with seamless integration into your daily life.

one-on-one Coaching

Our coaching services are customised to fit your unique needs. You have the freedom to select the intensity and duration of your coaching journey, with options typically spanning 8 to 12 sessions. These can be conducted either in-person or via Zoom, offering flexibility to suit your schedule. The cost is tailored based on your choices. Enquire below, and we'll get in touch to outline your options, without any pressure to make a decision.

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Meet Your Seasoned Experts

Chris & Jules Collingwood

To ensure the realisation of your goals and breakthrough of personal barriers, our esteemed experts stand out, not just for their deep knowledge of NLP, but for consistently guiding high-achievers like you to unparalleled success. Our founders, Chris and Jules Collingwood, boast over 30 years each of NLP mastery, meaning your journey to success is in unparalleled hands.

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