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Inspiritive is an Internationally Networked Personal Consultancy/Life, Coaching and Training Company, that specialises in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Our personal consultancy mission is creating personal and practical solutions to intractable problems, designed to give you measurable results. Our training mission is teaching lasting life skills.

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  • We craft individual solutions to meet your needs and outcomes and transfer the results to you. We guarantee that at the end of a consultation you can maintain the benefits independently of us.
  • We define and specify your needs and outcomes in consultation with you, before making any proposal. Through this action, we can guarantee that our proposal will fit your outcomes.
  • To promote client independence we provide solutions which are self sustaining, or include all necessary skills training and written material to support their continuance.
  • We have the information gathering skills, communication skills and change skills to create fast, effective results.
  • Our interventions (solutions / resources) are practical and easy for you to use.
  • We create and maintain quality in our consulting by ensuring continuous feedback and information through building solid working relationships with you.
  • We will meet your needs demonstrably and measurably, and exceed your expectations. If you require any service we cannot provide we will tell you immediately, and endeavour to recommend a suitable source of supply.
  • We aim to provide a timely response, at your convenience, to your specification, and within the agreed budget. As and when you require additional services, we will obtain your revised specification and act on it when instructed by you.

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Inspiritive Coaching – Descriptions of Services

Personal Consultations with Chris or Jules
Sometimes people have situations in their lives where they find themselves responding in particular ways which result in their not getting what they want. Those limiting, repeating interactions are examples of patterns of thinking and behaviour that no longer serve us. Often, people find that their own attempts to change limiting patterns have failed and wanting change in their lives, wanting new options for themselves, they seek out a professional, someone trained in working with personal change.

What is a personal consultation?
A personal consultation is a one to one session where a client can explore their ideas, emotional responses and outcomes with a view to making the changes they want. Each session is between an hour and an hour and a half long. This allows time to gather information, ensure that the proposed change fits the client’s values and situation and complete a piece of change work in each session. Whatever is discussed in a personal consultation is the client’s choice and is confidential. While many people like to share personal material to illustrate their situation it is not required. Effective change work alters patterns of thinking to give the client access to greater resources and more comfortable responses to life events.

What are personal consultations for?
They can be used to resolve problems and issues, overcome dysfunctional responses to people and situations, develop clean boundaries, clarify uncertainty, reduce phobias, resolve grief, change habits, acquire generative beliefs and change limiting beliefs, enhance functional elements, plan for the future, gain emotional choice and learn more effective thinking patterns. Personal consultations can also be used for sports performance enhancement, personal development, enhancing learning ability and work related matters. The client has complete choice of subject matter and may use their session to work with any of the above or any other matter.

What happens in personal consultations?
First it is essential to establish a relationship where the client feels comfortable to work with us. Then we can help them marshall their thoughts and give us the information we need to establish what they want from the session. We also need to discover what internal responses stop them from having what they want at the moment. We may ask about their state of mind when the problem occurs, how and where it manifests and how they respond to its presence. We want to know where and when it does not occur, too, and how they know when and when not to do it. Most of the questions we ask concern the process a client uses to do what they do. These questions draw attention to the patterns so clients learn to track their own internal responses as they proceed. Sometimes the act of gathering information from a client allows them to make sense of what they do in their mind before an intervention is offered. Even if the client’s context is highly technical and outside our field of content knowledge we can assist by identifying the client’s thinking and emotional process and assisting them to refine it. Change occurs for clients by their own learning in response to the patterns we offer them. It is a relational activity where their change is facilitated through our expertise with patterns.

What can you change, improve or resolve in personal consultations?
Anxiety, depression, habits, shyness, learning difficulties, memory, skill development, sports prowess, phobias, stress, post traumatic stress, performance related matters, writers (or other creative) blocks, presentation skills or anything else. Themes include state control (learning to exercise choice about your own emotional and psychological states), developing options in thinking and behaviour, assuming choice in well sorted boundaries between self and others, getting to know your own core values (not ‘should’ based and not some philosopher’s opinion), skill development (how you relate, communicate, perform and make your way in the world).

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Is it psychotherapy, counselling, coaching or something else?
The short answer is ‘yes’. Any or all of the above depending on the individual client’s needs or outcome.

How long does it take?
That depends on the outcome or presenting problem you start with. Occasionally people can get results in as little as one session, but on average it takes between one and three sessions per outcome. For more complex issues such as social phobia, depression or anxiety, six to eight sessions are more usual. Individual responses vary. Personal consultations with a well trained, skilled neuro-linguistic programmer can get results significantly more quickly when compared with months or even years of conventional therapy.

Is it like cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy?
Even though the application of NLP to psychotherapy could be described as an advanced applied form of cognitive psychology (like cognitive science, NLP has its roots in the fields of linguistics, psychology, and computing science). The application of NLP to therapy is far more sophisticated in that it provides a methodology for exploring the subjective experience of the individual. Subsequently the skilled practitioner of NLP shapes any intervention to the individuality and personal situation of the client.

When a piece of work is done with NLP there is no need to repeat it, nor do we have to remember to use new skills consciously. With cognitive therapy it is all done consciously and deliberately and must be remembered each time the limiting behaviour occurs. With NLP the limiting behaviour is not likely to occur as more attractive new choices have been made available in the session and placed in context for future use.

Enhancing Life with NLP

  • Even the most successful people have off days. Less successful people have more off days.
  • You would like an even richer and more satisfying life.
  • You would like more control over the direction of your future.
  • You would like to be able to increase the level of happiness in your life, right now.
  • You would like to discover how to model yourself on a successful person possessing the same mental tools that they use.
  • You would like to communicate better, even with those you don’t get on well with.
  • You would like to know how to eliminate unwanted habits, easily and effectively.
  • You would like to know how to enhance your strengths and qualities.
  • We can help you achieve each of these.

Hypnotic Services
Here at Inspiritive we are skilled in Ericksonian Hypnosis. We can help you stop smoking, reverse bad habits, overcome child hood trauma and fears within simple and comfortable surroundings.

Inspiritive’s Directors Chris and Jules Collingwood
Chris and Jules Collingwood have been studying NLP for many years, Chris since 1979 and Jules since 1986. Both are certified as NLP Trainers by John Grinder.

Our Commitment
Chris, Jules and the team at Inspiritive are committed to disseminating and developing NLP through their nationally accredited certification training and modelling projects. They also offer effective applications of NLP to create lasting change with individual clients and organisations.

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