1. Policy

This policy and procedure ensures that all staff are introduced into Inspiritive Pty Ltd and are aware of their role and responsibilities when beginning employment. The induction process is overseen by the CEO/Training Manager who will ensure the following procedures are followed when a staff member is employed in a Management, Administration or Trainer / Assessor role(or promoted from within the RTO).

This procedure ensures the effective introduction into the RTO and the staff members obligations are completed efficiently and effectively.

Staff Induction is only to occur after the confirmation of employment has occurred.

  1. Procedure
  • All staff employed by Inspiritive Pty Ltd are to undertake the induction program immediately upon commencement of employment (either prior to commencement or on the first day of employment). The inductionprocess is to be undertaken by the CEO and all steps of the induction process are to be clearly explained to the employee.

For all staff:

  • The CEO (or delegate) shall ensure the following steps are undertaken for all staff as part of the commencement of employment and staff induction program:
  1. An employee file is to be created for the new employee containing all information relating to the person's employment within the business, including a Position Description, job interview documents, reference checks and signed employment contract. This information is then kept in a ‘Staff File'.
  1. All new employees must be guided through Part A of the ‘Staff Induction Checklist' by their supervisor and it should be completed within timeframes as indicated within the checklist.
  1. The new employee must sign the Staff Induction Checklist to indicate their completion and understanding of each task listed in the checklist.
  1. The checklist is to be maintained on each individual's ‘Staff File'.

Additional requirements for Trainer & Assessors:

  • All Trainers/ Assessors must ensure that Part B of the ‘Staff Induction Checklist'is completed and specific and relevant information is provided relating to the vocational competence of the Trainer / Assessor. This ensures the Trainer / Assessor has documented their vocational competence through the ‘Trainer Matrix' document.
  • To confirm that each Trainer and Assessor has the required evidence of vocational competence maintained on file a ‘Trainer and Assessor Checklist' is to be completed. This will confirm the qualifications and resume are copied and maintained on file. It will also summarise the Trainer Matrix document by indicating which units the trainer / assessor has been approved to deliver and/or assess.
  • All Trainers/ Assessors are to also have a ‘Trainers/ Assessors File' created that is used to store and maintain all information related to their vocational competence. This ‘Trainer & Assessor File' is to contain the following information at a minimum:


  • A ‘Trainerand Assessor Checklist'
  • The ‘Trainer Matrix document' which identifies their vocational experience, qualifications, and their currency for each unit they are to deliver / assess.
  • Staff Induction Checklist
  • Verified copies of the Trainers/ Assessor qualifications
  • Signed resume
  • Police Checks and Working with Children Checks (where applicable)

USI – Unique Student Identifier

All students undertaking vocational education and training must hold a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and provide it to the College during the enrolment process. Inspiritive Pty Ltd will not be able to issue a Certificate, Statement of Attainment, or Transcript where a student has not provided a USI. For details on USI, visit www.usi.gov.au.

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