Inspiritive is committed to high quality course delivery and will:

  • Ensure that a current copy of the accredited course curriculum/endorsed training package and information regarding the program, availability of learning resources and appropriate support services are available to students as appropriate.
  • Ensure that where the program is an accredited course and commercial in confidence, students are permitted to read it at Inspiritive’s office by appointment or at the training venue but not to acquire a copy of any part or the whole document without permission in writing from the copyright holders. The supplier of copies of endorsed training packages is Australian Training Products Ltd, telephone +61 3 9655 0600.
  • Ensure that training and assessment occur in accordance with the requirements of the accredited course / endorsed training package and where appropriate the state or national guidelines for customising courses.
  • Obtain written permission from course copyright owners prior to course delivery to use and if required, customise courses.
  • Ensure that any person delivering an Inspiritive sponsored course meets the industry standards and Inspiritive’s standards for delivering that program.

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