Credit Transfer

If you have any prior Nationally Recognised Certificates or Statements of Attainment completed within Australia, they may be eligible for Credit Transfer. You must be able to present an original certificate with competencies containing nationally recognised titles and codes. If any of these unit title and codes identically matches the units that you are enrolled, you will be granted a Credit Transfer for that particular unit.

Student Name:

Student Number:

Course Enrolled: 

Date of application:


In the table below, list the units that you wish to apply for a Credit Transfer.


Unit Code Unit Title Evidence Supplied CT Granted

(RTO to complete)


Student Declaration

Original copies of all Certificates / Statements of Attainment have been provided to Inspiritive Pty Ltd to copy for the purposes of this Credit Transfer application and are original documents obtained through accredited training pathways.

Student name:




RTO Training Manager to complete:

  • Original Certificates / Statements of Attainment(s) have been sighted?


  • Copies of all Certificates / Statements of Attainment(s) are attached to this application?
  • CT Granted column above is completed?



  • Where CT is not granted a written explanation has been provided.



The above application has been reviewed and outcomes indicated. All original Certificates/ Statements of Attainments have been sighted and are attached to this application.

Training Manager name:







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