1. Policy

This policy ensures that Inspiritive Pty Ltd will recognise the AQF Qualifications and Statement of Attainments issued by any other Registered Training Organisation.

The underlying principle of Nationally Recognised Training is that a student does not have to repeat training and assessment that has already been undertaken.

The RTO will ensure the following definition of Credit Transfer is implemented:

Credit Transfer: Credit transfer assesses the initial course or subject that an individual is using to claim access to, or the award of credit in, a destination course. The assessment determines the extent to which the client’s initial course or subject is equivalent to the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes, or standards in a qualification. This may include credit transfer based on formal learning that is outside the AQF.

  1. Procedure

2.1 General information for individuals

All prospective and enrolling individuals must be informed in either print or electronic form of the opportunity to apply for Credit Transfer. Students are informed of credit transfer process in the Student Information Handbook, and are asked to identify if they would like to apply for a Credit Transfer in the Enrolment Form. Individuals can apply for Credit Transfer at any time.

2.2 Student request for Credit Transfer

  • If a student wishes to apply for Credit Transfer they must complete the Credit Transfer Application Form (Appendix A) and include appropriate evidence to support the Credit Transfer application.
  • The Credit Transfer Application Form will specify the Units of Competency that the student is applying for Credit Transfer.
  • The student is required to submit this application with associated evidence to Student Administration.

2.3 Assessment process

The assessment of all Credit Transfer Applications will be undertaken by the Training Manager. Any Credit Transfer applications received by Student Administration shall be passed to the Training Manager for assessment.

All Credit Transfer applications must be supported by the appropriate evidence. This may be in the form of Nationally Recognised Qualification or Statement of Attainment indicating exactly the same code and title as those included in the student application, or other documents of equivalence that are outside the AQF.

Where appropriate evidence is provided with the Credit Transfer application the Training Manager must grant the Credit Transfer. The Training Manager must complete the appropriate sections of the Credit Transfer Application form to identify if the application has been granted or not.

Where Credit Transfer is Granted this information will be communicated in writing to the applicant within 10 business days of completion of the assessment, and the Qualification / Statement of Attainment will then be issued or the training program adjusted accordingly.

Where Credit Transfer is Not Granted students will be notified in writing of the outcome within 10 business days of completion of the assessment. The written communication to the student is to including a reason for refusal (where applicable).

In all cases, a copy of the Credit Transfer documentation and verified copies of the relevant Qualification/ Statement of Attainment and outcome will be kept in the students file.

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