This policy/procedure supports the VET Quality Framework, and ensures that relevant information is gained from and given to students prior to their course commencing or participating in any classes.


1. Pre-Enrolment information:

Each potential student will be able to access to a Course Outline Brochure and Student Information Handbook prior to enrolment to ensure an informed decision can be made to study with Inspiritive. The Course Outline Brochure must contain the following topics:

  • Pathways of the qualification/ training
  • Overview of the content covered
  • Core and Elective Unit of Competency (unit code and title)
  • Pre-requisites ( entry requirements)
  • Duration of the course/ training
  • Normal operating hours of Inspiritive
  • Training and Assessment processes
  • Course costs (an itemised list of enrolment fee, resource costs, any administration fees, re-issuance of qualification testamurs fees and any other fees)
  • How to enrol
  • Contact details of Inspiritive

The Student Information Handbook must contain information on:

  • General Information ( including trainee guarantee)
  • Student Attendance and Behaviour
  • Complaints and Appeals
  • Equity Commitment
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Privacy
  • Access to Student Records
  • Student Support Services
  • Student Safety
  • Academic Misconduct
  • Competency-Based Training and Assessment Process (including re-sitting of assessments)
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy
  • Training Evaluation
  • Enrolment Process
  • Course Fee Refunds
  • Further information contact details (Inspiritive and AQF details)

The Course Outline Brochures and Student Information Handbook may be distributed to prospective clients/ students by the means of:

  • Face to face meeting
  • Email
  • Website
  • Hard copy by mail or courier

2. Enrolment Form

All students must complete an enrolment form to confirm their enrolment.

The Enrolment Form shall contain as a minimum the following information:

Identify the course or courses in which the student is to be enrolled and any conditions on his or her enrolment;
Provide information in relation to refunds of course money; and information relating to the documented refund policy and procedures.
The nature of the guarantee given by Inspiritive to complete the training and/or the assessment once the student has commenced their study
Advise the student of his or her obligation to notify the registered provider of a change of address while enrolled in the course.
The signed declaration included in the enrolment form indicates the student agrees with following:

That the information provided by the Applicant in their application is complete and correct.
Agrees to be bound by Inspiritive rules and regulations and any amendments made to the rules and regulations.
Agrees to undertake Language, Literacy and Numeracy testing requirement prior to acceptance into any course entry and adhere to any other prerequisites identified on the course brochure.
Where a student’s contact details change while studying with Inspiritive the student must advise Inspiritive of these changes within 7 days.
These details include but are not limited to details such as address and contact phone details.
Agrees to the Enrolment Conditions (listed above in this document).
Payment is attached for enrolment into this course as outlined in this enrolment form.
The student is required to complete an Enrolment Form to ensure that all information, conditions, fees and charges, refunds, and details of the enrolment are understood. Acceptance into a course of study with Inspiritive is confirmed when the potential student has signed and submitted the enrolment form and appropriate payment and documentation to support their enrolment.

3. Records

The signed Enrolment Form will be kept on the student’s file along with all other documents relevant to the student’s enrolment.

Any original documents submitted as part of the enrolment process will be copied and maintained on the student file. All originals will be returned to the student.

Version 1 2012

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