1. Policy

This policy and procedure ensures that Inspiritive Pty Ltd is providing training and assessment services that meet industry needs and maximise learners' opportunities for employment, advancement or further education.

Engaging with industry stakeholders (such as employers) is critical to ensuring training and assessment is aligned to current methods, technology, products and performance expectations for the workplace tasks specified in the training package or VET accredited course.

Inspiritive Pty Ltd will engage with relevant industry stakeholders for each industry area (& Qualifications) in order to:

  • Design strategies for training and assessment
  • Identify and/or develop suitable learning materials
  • Identify appropriate methods of assessment
  • Develop suitable assessment tools
  • Identify the skills and knowledge required by its trainers and assessors
  • Monitor the delivery and assessment of its programs
  1. Procedure
  • Identifying appropriate Industry Representatives

Inspiritive Pty Ltd will identify relevant industry personnel or organisations who can provide the feedback on the training and assessment practices for each Industry area. A minimum of two (2) Industry Representatives must be consulted and engaged for each delivery and assessment program.

Industry Engagement may take place with the following people or organisations:

  • Business owners/ employers in that particular industry that the qualification that the Strategy for Training and Assessment is being developed for
  • Business owners/ employers whose staff undertake accredited workplace training in the qualification that the Training and Assessment Strategy is being developed for
  • Industry Councils
  • Industry Consultants
  • Industry Trainers and Assessors
  • Other relevant stakeholders to Inspiritive Pty Ltd 's training and business opportunities

Inspiritive Pty Ltd will also ensure the collection of details about the Industry Representatives, such as:

  • Name and company
  • Description of how the representative is involved in the industry
  • Undertaking & Documenting Industry Engagement

Inspiritive Pty Ltd will undertake Industry Engagement by providing a range of information in relation to the training and assessment program to the industry representatives, and seek feedback as to the most appropriate method of providing the training and assessment program, achieve suitable industry outcomes, and trainer and assessor requirements to ensure industry relevance.

This information is to include (but not limited to) the following:

  • The qualifications' national code and title
  • The units that make up the qualification ( national code and title)
  • Delivery arrangements of the course
  • Duration and schedule
  • Assessment methods
  • Industry needs
  • Requirements of trainers and assessors

Engagement with industry may occur via face to face meetings, email, or other relevant medium to ensure industry engagement can be achieved.

To document this Industry engagement & consultation, the CEO will ensure industry representative's feedback is documented. This may take the form of an ‘Industry Engagement Questionnaire' or other relevant method that ensure the feedback can be maintained by the RTO.

In developing Training and Assessment Strategies and practices, Inspiritive Pty Ltd will seek input from the industry representatives in relation to:

  • Elective unit selection
  • The mode of study
  • Training methodology
  • Assessment methods
  • The skills and knowledge required by trainers and assessors

All feedback received will be reviewed and where appropriate will be:

  • Incorporated into Inspiritive Pty Ltd 's Training and Assessment Strategies
  • Reflected in the delivery and assessment methodology and assessment tools
  • Where relevant, included in the knowledge and skills required of trainers and assessors

Ongoing Industry Engagement

To ensure the ongoing appropriateness of the training and assessment services being provided by Inspiritive Pty Ltd , Industry Engagement will be undertaken on an annual basis.

This annual review and engagement will identify:

  • Any changes to industry practices
  • Continued relevance of the training and assessment methodology and materials
  • Any update in knowledge and skills required for trainers and assessors

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