This policy has been developed to support the RTO to ensure learners receive training, assessment and support services that meet their individual needs. Inspiritive Pty Ltd has a range of processes in place to ensure that these individual needs can be identified and addressed. These processes include the following activities and these are all documented in individual policies and procedures.

Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) Test

Inspiritive Pty Ltd will review all enrolment applications to ensure entry requirements are being met prior to acceptance into a course. As part of the enrolment process students are required to complete a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) test to ensure that the student has the ability to complete the course. This test will occur prior to course commencement and will be assessed by a qualified Trainer.

If the student cannot complete the LLN test satisfactorily then an LLN Report will be completed which includes the required action to be taken to assist the student to be able to complete the course. The LLN Report has the provision to schedule and document monitoring of the LLN areas of concern and to assist in the evaluation that recommended support has been adequate for the student.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

All students are encouraged to seek recognition for learning through RPL. Students are provided information about RPL in pre- enrolment information (Student Information Handbook) and again upon enrolment.

Student Support Services

Inspiritive Pty Ltd has a documented student support policy that ensures students have access to staff who can provide assistance and guidance to students. The student support services can also provide referrals to appropriate support organisations to assist the student with personal, workplace or academic issues that the RTO does not have the ability to support internally .The student support services are documented through policies and procedures and the Student Information Handbook. All students are provided information on student support services through the pre-enrolment and induction process.

Reasonable Adjustment

There may be times and situations in which a student may require ‘reasonable adjustment' of the training and assessment methods implemented by Inspiritive Pty Ltd to meet their specific individual needs. These individual student needs may include (but not limited to):

  • Disability
  • Temporary or permanent injury (i.e. back injury, broken leg/arm)
  • Sight or hearing impairments

Reasonable adjustments to the way in which evidence of performance is gathered (e.g. in terms of the information to be provided to the candidate and the type of evidence to be collected from the candidate) can only occur where the adjustments do not alter the expected performance standards for learning and assessment.

The reasonable adjustments to the training and assessment process may include a variety of modifications to the methods of delivery and assessment to assist the student undertake the course. The adjustments may include actions such as:

  • Assistance in the form of the training location to allow easier access
  • Accessing relevant equipment or aids to assist the student adjustments to the assessment methods to cater for any special needs (without effecting the integrity of the outcome)

Where a student requests or is identified as requiring reasonable adjustment to the training and assessment process a detailed training and assessment plan including timetables, notes regarding the required adjustments, and any related communications regarding the adjustments must be maintained in the student file.

The CEO must review and authorise any request for ‘reasonable adjustment' to ensure that any adjustments and resulting outcomes are not affecting the integrity of the training and assessment process.

Monitoring and improving learning, assessment and support services

Students are required to undertake a mid-point review process that gives students the opportunity to provide feedback on whether the training and assessment services (and support services if accessed) provided are meeting expectations, individual needs, and outcome requirements. This process is documented and all feedback reviewed in RTO Meetings and Management Meetings to identify any areas for improvement.

Strategies for Training and Assessment

The strategies for training and assessment have been developed in line with Training Package requirements and in consultation with industry. This includes the consideration for specific industry groups in the delivery and assessment arrangements and also includes all strategies in place within the RTO to ensure that students receive training and assessment services to meet their individual needs.

Qualified Trainers and Assessors

All Trainers and Assessors employed by Inspiritive Pty Ltd are required to demonstrate appropriate vocational competence in relevant areas of training and assessment to ensure quality services are provided to all students.

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