As a registered training organisation, Inspiritive is required to have a policy on providing welfare services and client support to clients and students.

Students and clients with language, literacy and numeracy issues may, if they wish, be referred to suitable sources of tuition on these topics or to suitable professionals if their issue is one of learning difficulty.

Should any student or client express or demonstrate a need for welfare services, they may, if they wish, seek referral through Inspiritive to a suitable agency or professional with the required expertise to assist them. Students and clients will not be referred to any agency without their express request and consent.

Students and clients may, if they wish, take advantage of Inspiritive’s private consultations, counselling and coaching from the directors at preferential rates.

Inspiritive is not liable for any fees incurred by any student or client as a result of their taking up welfare or support services to whom they have been introduced by Inspiritive.

Inspiritive is not liable for the conduct of independent agencies to whom students or clients are introduced. While Inspiritive will use its best efforts to ensure the appropriateness of independent agencies, it does not guarantee the quality of any product or service, nor does any referral equal an endorsement of the organisation, product or service.

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