1. Policy

This Policy & Procedure supports the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 in ensuring Inspiritive Pty Ltd is delivering quality training and assessment and is able to adapt to client needs as required. It is also able to ensure that the RTO is able to act is a responsive manner to all identified issues and areas of concerns.

It provides a range of systems and processes to ensure that all stakeholders of Inspiritive Pty Ltd are able to contribute to the development and improvement across the Registered Training Organisation.

  1. Procedure

Inspiritive Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring it is able to provide quality training and assessment services, ensure compliance, and effectively react to changing customer needs, compliance requirements, and feedback from stakeholders. The RTO will ensure that all staff are actively and regularly involved in formal meetings to provide relevant information and support to staff and allow staff the opportunity to suggest improvements and identify areas of concern.

The Quality Management process is ultimately managed by the CEO and implemented by the CEO.

The following activities are undertaken to ensure all staff are involved in the continuous improvement and quality processes.

2.1 RTO Meetings

RTO meetings are held MONTHLY and will follow a set agenda and will be minuted. The RTO meetings are attended by:

  • CEO
  • Trainers / Assessors
  • Student Administration

The minutes of these meetings will be reviewed by the CEO to ensure all activities of the RTO are monitored.

The meetings ensure that the current activities, requirements, and general overview of the RTO operations are undertaken and reported to the CEO through these meetings. Topics discussed:

  • Compliance items
    • Identify any compliance issues, concerns or achievements
    • General ASQA updates
    • Updates regarding the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015
    • Policy & Procedure updates
    • Other regulatory requirements
    • Discuss any continuous improvement undertaken
    • Identify and discuss and policy and procedure amendments
    • Updates of any Training Package or version changes / updates
    • Any changes to any qualifications on Scope of Registration
    • Student Management System (Database) updates
  • General Training Items
    • Discussion on the courses (i.e. student numbers, student progress, completion numbers, students on intervention, training resources)
  • Current Course Overview
    • An overview of the courses currently running
    • Progress reports on delivery and assessments within each course
    • Trainers to report and discuss students progress
    • Attendance and progress of students to be discussed
  • Student Administration
    • Any student record issues
    • Assessment records and outstanding paperwork
    • General administration requirements
    • Database updates
  • Feedback Summary
    • An overview of any student feedback that has been collected (either orientation, midpoint or completion feedback)
    • An overview of any staff feedback that has been collected
    • Complaints and appeals that have been logged
  • Internal / External Validation Discussion
    • Network updates
    • Assessment / resource validations
    • Professional development undertaken by Trainers (to be documented on the Professional Development Logs)
  • Occupational Health & Safety Issues
    • Any Issues?
  • General Business
    • Any items that may be of relevance to the operation of the RTO.
    • Any proposed significant changes to the RTO ( E.g. ownership, high managerial positions, financial viability etc)
    • Any OHS issues
    • IT updates/ issues
    • Other topics

2.2 Feedback:

Feedback is gained from the following stakeholders:

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Employers

Feedback is gained through a variety of methods, as follows:

Student Feedback

Students are encouraged to bring any issues of concern they may have to the attention of appropriate staff as soon as possible. This ensures the ability for the RTO to address any immediate areas of concern.

Feedback shall be gained from the student at various points throughout the program at an informal level. The RTO shall also conduct formal feedback at two (2) occasions throughout the student course – midpoint and completion.

Midpoint Feedback:

At the midpoint of the student's course of study, the students will be asked to complete a ‘Midpoint Feedback Survey'. This allows the RTO to ensure that the student is satisfied with the services that the RTO is providing and that they are receiving the services outlined in their enrolment information.

The Midpoint Feedback Form will administered by Student Administration Department and the relevant Trainer / Assessor. Completed surveys are to be submitted to the Student Administration Department.

A summary of the feedback collected is to be presented for review through the Trainer Meetings and Management Meetings / RTO Meetings where required action can be determined.

Completion Feedback:

Students are also asked to complete a ‘Learner Questionnaire- Completion Survey' upon completion of their course of study.

The mandated ‘AQTF Learner Questionnaire' questions are completed by the students. The data is collected and reported in accordance with the Ministerial Council's requirements.

A summary of the feedback collected is to be presented for review through the RTO Meetings where required action can be determined.

The questions contained in the survey can be viewed in the ‘Learner Questionnaire Completion Survey' Document.

Employer Feedback

Feedback from employers will be used to obtain information on the quality of training and assessment being administered to their staff by the RTO. The views of the employer will provide a perspective on the quality and outcomes of the training, and will be utilised to support continuous improvement activities and to build and manage relationships with the employers.

Once per calendar year, the mandated ‘Employer Questionnaire' forms will be posted to a employers where the RTO has conducted training for their staff or where the RTO's students have been engaged in work placement over the last 12 months. The form is completed by the employer and submitted to Administration either directly or via a Trainer & Assessor.

From the data entry of the results of the ‘Employer Questionnaires' reports will be run for analysis and evaluation in the Quarterly Review Schedule , which is conducted as part of the Quality Management Policy and Procedure.

Staff Feedback

Feedback is sought from Staff on the effectiveness and efficiency of the RTO's policies, procedures and service delivery. This feedback shall be gained through RTO Meetings, performance appraisals and informal discussions.

The RTO Meetings are held regularly, where staff are encouraged to provide feedback or suggestions on all aspects of the RTO's operation as an RTO. The meetings will have planned agendas with minutes taken and action required will be delegated and noted.

Staff are asked to complete an ‘Annual RTO Evaluation' form as part of the RTO's Staff Performance Review process. This feedback form asks staff members to review and evaluate the processes and practices implemented by Inspiritive Pty Ltd and identify areas for improvement. Feedback from staff appraisals shall be reviewed by the CEO.

Where any changes are to be made as a consequence of feedback; the change(s) must be documented in the Continuous Improvement Register.

2.3 Audits / Reviews

Internal Audit

The CEO shall ensure that at least annually an Internal Audit is conducted to ensure the RTO is maintaining compliance against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

The Audit shall identify areas of risk in the learning and assessment processes, policy & procedure issues and breaches, and general areas of improvement throughout the RTO operations. Any issues identified are to be addressed through the RTO meetings.

The audit is to be documented through a checklist and report of any recommended courses of action to improve the practices and processes that were reviewed. Where an external consultant is employed to complete this task the checklist and report will vary but must be related to the current Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015.

Quarterly Review

At least QUARTERLY a review will take place which will include the key personnel of the RTO including at least:

  • CEO
  • Trainers / assessors
  • Student Administration

A ‘Quarterly Review Schedule' is to be followed which identifies specific areas to be reviewed each quarter. Following the schedule will ensure that all Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 are reviewed annually.

Details, action and outcome of the review are to be documented on the Quarterly Review Schedule Document.

External Consultation

To maintain and improve the quality of the RTO's education processes and outcomes the RTO will engage with external quality consultants when the CEO deems necessary.

2.4 Validation of Training & Assessment Material

The RTO shall undertake Validation activities to identify areas for improvement in assessment instruments. See Validation Policy and Procedure for details.

2.5 Continuous Improvement Register

In completing any of the above quality processes there may be identified areas that require improvement or follow up action to be taken to ensure compliance is achieved. This improvement may be a small improvement such as a change in a document or a large scale improvement such as revising an assessment approach. Where an improvement requires a structured approach to the development, implementation, and management of the improvement, or the issue cannot be addressed immediately, appropriate action will be planned and implemented as required. These processes will be managed and monitored through the RTO Meetings.

All continuous improvements to be implemented will be documented on the ‘Continuous Improvement Register.' This is the responsibility of the CEO to ensure the register is current and implemented.

The ‘Continuous Improvement Register' and records of any related activities to investigate, review, or implement the action request are to be attached and filed within the continuous improvement folder.

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