1. Policy

This policy/procedure supports the requirements to provide student support services to all students.

This policy ensures that all students are given support while studying with Inspiritive Pty Ltd . This support includes both academic support and personal support and the following procedures ensure that students are made aware of the support available.

  1. Procedure

Student Orientation

At the beginning of a course of study the students are to be given a short orientation and it must include the following:

  • A tour of the RTO identifying classrooms, student areas, student administration area, and any other relevant areas within the RTO such as toilets, fire exits, and restricted areas.
  • Information on emergency evacuation procedures
  • Information on how to access the student support services within Inspiritive Pty Ltd

Nominated Student Support Officer

Whilst all staff employed by Inspiritive Pty Ltd has the responsibility to provide support to all students, Inspiritive Pty Ltd shall nominate a ‘Student Support Officer' who shall be available to all students, on an appointment basis, through the standard RTO hours of business.

Students can access the Student Support Officer directly or via student administrations and an appointment will be organised as soon as practical.

Where it is identified that students are having learning difficulties, Inspiritive Pty Ltd will provide additional support to the students in the form of additional learning time, additional reading material, and more support from their workplace supervisor.

If further assistance is required, learners will be referred to specialist external support agencies

If students are having emotional or psychological issues during the course, Inspiritive Pty Ltd will provide referrals to appropriate agencies

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