1. Policy

This policy and procedure ensures that all RTO Trainers / Assessors are given the opportunity to maintain and update skills and knowledge relating to delivering training and assessment services. The professional development of Trainers /Assessors ensures continued development of knowledge and skills in their relevant industry area and across the training industry.

The following procedure outlines the Professional Development requirements of all Trainers / Assessors employed within Inspiritive Pty Ltd in a full time capacity.

As part of this policy and procedure all Trainers / Assessors are required to update their resume on an annual basis and include all relevant Professional Development activities in the updated version.

  1. Procedure
  • The CEO is responsible for ensuring professional development activities are scheduled and completed by all Trainers / Assessors.
  • All Trainers / Assessors are required to complete a minimum of three (3) forms of Professional Development activities throughout a calendar year and maintain evidence of this Professional Development for compliance purposes.
  • The Processional Development activities could take the form of the following types of activities:
  • Attendance at formal training sessions
  • Membership of an industry body
  • Attendance at meetings held by Industry Bodies
  • Up-grading of qualifications
  • External consultation in relation to job specific information
  • Specific Training Package workshops
  • Government / Industry run workshops on training topics / compliance requirements
  • The Professional Development activities may be in relation to any activity where a Trainer / Assessor is increasing or gaining skills or knowledge related to their ability to deliver training & assessment services.
  • All Professional Development activities must be supported with evidence of the activity undertaken. This evidence may include:
  • Agenda's and minutes of a network meeting
  • Evidence of completion / enrolment of formal training
  • Summary of information received at industry specific meeting
  • Evidence of attendance at informal training sessions / workshops and content covered
  • Each Professional Development activity is to be recorded by the staff member using the ‘Trainer Professional Development Log.' The recording of this information is to be completed within one week of the activity being undertaken and maintained on the ‘Trainer file'.
  • The ‘Trainer Professional Development Log' is to be monitored regularly by the CEO to ensure all staff are completing these Professional Development activities as required.
  • As part of the ‘Staff Appraisals' process this ‘Trainer Professional Development Log' is to be monitored to ensure relevant activities are being planned and undertaken.
  • The ‘Trainer Professional Development Log' must be kept on each staff members file and must be current at all times.

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