1. Policy

This procedure has been developed to assist Inspiritive Pty Ltd manage the transition from superseded Training Packages and/or accredited courses to the latest version / release.

Inspiritive Pty Ltd shall ensure the transition from superseded Training Packages and/or accredited courses shall occur within Twelve (12) months of their publication on the national register (www.training.gov.au)

The procedures set out below will:

  • Assist Inspiritive Pty Ltd to ensure that all Training Packages are implemented correctly and within 12 months
  • Ensure that all Qualifications/Courses/individual Units of Competency that are on the RTO's Scope of registration have Strategies for Training and Assessment as they are placed on the Scope of Registration which, in turn will ensure learning resources and assessment resources are sourced/ developed.

The CEO shall be responsible for ensuring the following procedure is followed and the Scope of Registration is maintained in line with the ASQA General Direction ‘Transition and Teach Out' (ASQA General Directions).

  1. Procedure
  • Monitoring Scope of Registration

The CEO is responsible for monitoring the Scope of Registration and ensuring:

  • The qualifications and/or accredited courses listed are current and have not been superseded
  • The latest versions of each Training Package and/or accredited courses is being used within the RTO
  • The ‘Training Package Register' is up to date

The CEO is required to check the ‘National Register of information on Training Packages, Qualifications, Courses, Units of Competency and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)' (Training.gov.au (TGA) – www.training.gov.au) for updates of all items on Scope of Registration at least quarterly.

The CEO should register their details with TGA to receive notifications for each qualification listed on the Scope of Registration.

The CEO is also required to keep up to date with Training Package and/or accredited courses information by subscribing to relevant industry bodies such as Industry Skills Councils and industry networks.

When a new Training Package and/or accredited courses (or version) is released the CEO is required to follow the below steps to ensure that Inspiritive Pty Ltd is able to deliver the most recent version of a Qualification within an appropriate timeframe.

Inspiritive Pty Ltd must not accept any new enrolments in the superseded qualifications or accredited courses being replaced by the new Training Package after the transitional period of 12 months.

  • Preparing to update Scope of Registration

When there is a new release or revision of a Training Package and/or accredited courses that relates to Qualifications / Courses/ Units of Competencies on the Scope of Registration, the following must occur:

  • Download the relevant Training Package / Accredited Course from TGA (www.training.gov.au) or relevant organisation (Industry Skills Council (ISC) or course owner)
  • Establish which Qualifications / Courses/ Units of Competency are required to be updated on RTO's Scope of Registration
  • Identify the transition dates and update the relevant information within the ‘Training Package & Course Register' document. This includes identifying the dates that no further enrolments can be taken in the superseded qualification.
  • Identify any licensing requirements associated with the new Qualification/Courses/Unit of Competency
  • Prepare the Strategy for Training and Assessment for each of the new Qualifications/Courses/Unit of Competency that have had updates
  • Obtain learning and assessment materials for revised Qualification/Courses/Unit of Competency
  • Ensure any relevant facilities and equipment requirements of the Qualification/Course/Unit of Competency have been addressed
  • Ensure trainer qualifications and experience are mapped to the new Qualification/Courses/Unit of Competency
  • Develop and revise other relevant documents and materials including:
    • Student Information Handbook
    • Marketing Materials
  • Plan the transitional arrangements including new enrolment dates, transfer of currently enrolled students etc.

Submit Application to update Scope of Registration

  • The CEO will be the only person able to submit an application via ASQAnet. Once the CEO has confirmed all required documentation for the new Qualification/Course/Unit of Competency the CEO will use the on-line ASQAnet system to submit the application for the Addition to Scope of Registration. Documentation may have to be uploaded as part of the application process.

Transition to the new Qualifications /Courses/Units of Competency

Only when ASQA have provided confirmation of the successful outcome of an application can the RTO commence to deliver and assess the new Qualification/Course/Unit of Competency. Once this has occurred it is the CEO's responsibility to implement the new program(s) and ensure the following steps have been taken:

  • Management, Trainers and key stakeholders are made aware of the change of Qualification/Course /Unit of Competency through relevant meetings and communication channels
  • Update all internal paperwork with new titles, codes and descriptions of Qualifications /Courses/Units of Competency including but not limited to:
    • Enrolment forms and related documentation (i.e. training plans, checklists)
    • Student Information Handbook
    • Marketing Material (including website if applicable)
    • Student Records Management System
    • Learning Materials
    • Assessment tools
  • Staff Professional Development Activities including:
    • The CEO is to ensure relevant staff attends industry based run workshop(s) if applicable.
    • Ensure relevant trainer files have been updated with the staff matrix
    • Identify any professional development requirements for each trainer (i.e. upgrading their qualifications)
  • Determine dates to commence new Qualification/Course/Unit of Competency
    • Confirm a timeline for implementation of new course
    • Identify a process to complete or transfer students enrolled in superseded course
  • Update the ‘Training Package & Course Register' document once the new Qualification/Course/Unit of Competency that has been added to the Scope of Registration

Transition of currently enrolled students

Inspiritive Pty Ltd must not accept any new enrolments in the superseded qualifications or accredited courses being replaced by the new Training Package after the transitional period of 12 months.

All currently enrolled students will be transferred to the new qualification prior to this 12 month period. The transfer of students must be undertaken in collaboration between the student and the RTO and students must be provided timely and adequate advice and guidance about the transfer.

To ensure a consistent approach to the transitional arrangements for students the following steps are to be taken:

  • All currently enrolled student's files to be reviewed. Student progress is to be reviewed to determine if students are able to complete their course enrolment within the ‘teach out' period.
  • Where it is determined the timeframe to complete the course is not appropriate then the student‘s enrolment must be transferred to the replacement course being offered.
  • When transferring a student to a replacement course the following must occur:
  • Ensure all assessments are up to date and the student's progress is up to date in the existing enrolment
  • Complete all relevant enrolment paperwork for the new course
  • Map the student's progress to the new course using the mapping information within the Training Package and relevant State Authority Purchasing Guide.
  • Complete the RPL process to the new course for delivery and assessment already conducted
  • Determine remaining delivery and assessment requirements and develop training plan.

Inspiritive Pty Ltd may continue to deliver training and assessment services and issue awards to current students of the superseded qualification who would be genuinely disadvantaged if required to transfer to the replacement qualification, for up to 6 months after the expiry of the transition period for its replacement.

Inspiritive Pty Ltd will implement a ‘teach out' period for any superseded qualifications where such disadvantages exist and there is sufficient evidence to support this decision. Students that will not complete their course within the designated teach out period must be transferred to the replacement qualification prior to this expiry date.

Removal of superseded Qualification/Course/Units of Competency

It is the responsibility of the CEO to ensure a Qualification/Course/Units of Competency that has been superseded is removed from the Scope of Registration.

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