Flow States for Performance

Get more done in less time without compromising quality

In today’s hyper-connected world you are expected to be able to respond to an incredibly diverse range of tasks without any compromise to performance.

Phone calls, interruptions, changes to plans, difficult new information, people issues, impromptu meetings and unforeseen circumstances all contrive to pull you from an ideal state of focus and effectiveness.

Knowing how to activate and maintain high performance states allows you to maintain control as you switch from one type of activity to another while managing interruptions without any significant loss of quality output.


Interrupt any state that you don’t enjoy.
Choose the state or emotion you want to experience for any particular situation.
Dynamically edit behaviors to develop and refine your skills and performance in any area.

Read more about Flow States in our article ‘Flow States for Peak Performance


Choose from individual one-on-one coaching ( in person or online )
or attend a weekend discovery and implementation workshop

Option 01


Investment:  $695
Format: 2 x 8 hr days

Our weekend workshop is an excellent way to quickly learn and begin to apply the many benefits of flow states. This format is a more social environment that also brings the ability to work with a friend or colleague.

Get Started Faster

The weekend intensive will give you a framework for managing your own performance that can be learned quickly and immediately applied. Great for when time is of the essence.

Stretch your Limits

Work at a pace that forces you to hone, adjust and transform yourself to a deadline. You may be surprised by the results.

Have Fun Together

Collaborate with a group of like-minded people that are all interested in helping you to be your best. You might make new friends or create connections that lead to bigger and better things.

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Option 02


Investment:  $1895
Format: 6 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions

This approach works best for individuals that are unable to commit to a weekend program or that have personal or professional privacy concerns. An added benefit of this format is the ability to adjust content to the immediate needs of the participant as fresh opportunities arise.

Individual Attention

Get the undivided focus and attention of your coach for uniquely tailored results

Greater Privacy

Not everyone needs to know about how you do the new you. Keep your new secret weapon a secret while you implement your plans for world dominion.

Thrive at Your Own Pace

Work at a pace that works for you with individual attention that hones, adjusts and reinvigorates you as new experiences arise

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“Over time my way of thinking and feeling has really evolved. This has naturally led to successful outcomes in the different business contexts I am involved in. I utilise patterns of NLP explicitly, in my coaching and training work and in terms of developing and running my own businesses. In fact, I’ve been able to create and maintain business assets that continue to deliver ongoing passive income for me which, in turn, have enabled me to live the life, I’ve, always imagined ”
~ Jarett Lefers, CEO & Entrepreneur- View Full Testimonial

Jarett is an Inspiritive graduate that has used NLP in his entrepreneurial pursuits to achieve incredible success

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