Entrepreneurship Programs


Our entrepreneur programs have been designed to hone the existing talents of individuals and teams into highly effective powerhouses of pure awesomeness.

If there is something you want to achieve in the world in a way that is quicker, cheaper and/or with greater impact then these programs are for you. Learn with your team or individually in one-on-one sessions to amplify your effectiveness in whichever way will give you the most rewarding results first.


Creating Compelling Futures

Many ventures fail before they have begun due to the absence of one of the critical ingredients for success.

This program teaches how to build a robust and compelling future by ensuring the foundations for actually achieving an outcome are properly laid.

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Leading Effective Meetings

Save time, money and staff morale by running meetings that are energising and effective.

Get to the point, get stakeholder buy-in and ensure clarity of direction and action within a format that doesn’t make your participants pray for the sweet release of death.

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Rules of Engagement

Master the rules of communication so you can get the very best out of your team and positively influence the people you that can help to build your vision.

This essential toolbox of communication strategies will quickly lift you and your team into a new category of clarity, focus and performance.

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Graduate Certificate in NLP

With your mind & this qualification, anything is possible.

The Gradate Certificate in NLP is the highest qualification available in ‘new code’ neuro-linguistic programming in the English speaking world.

The powerful tools taught in this program have seen thousands of graduates truly embrace and live out their highest potential.

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“NLP is in my DNA now. I have no idea when I use it or how I use it…but I know I am using it because I have the evidence and the outcomes prove to myself that I am.”
~ Tony Nash, CEO, Booktopia

Tony is an Inspiritive graduate that has grown his business
into a $130 Million dollar company using NLP

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