An Interview with Geoff Wade, NLP In Business

Geoff Wade, CEO of Onirik wholeheartedly believes that NLP has transformed the way he approaches life. Indeed he claims that his exploration of NLP has taken him on a personal revolution where he has transformed his attitude to life. He feels far more aware of and connected to his own self and others with whom he interacts on a personal and professional level.

Currently Geoff heads up Onirik; a highly successful change management consultancy that works with companies and their employees to improve their margins.

Using NLP modelling as a core business competency Onirik’s change consultants replicate the capabilities (states of mind, communications, and behaviour / process patterns) of top performers in their clients’ companies and transfer these capabilities to others who need them in order to achieve similar performance. This makes a marked difference to clients’ results.

Time and again Onirik has helped clients achieve outstanding results, results such as 280% improvement in sales in one company, 117% in another, 415% in another; exponential improvements as a staff of people replicate the capabilities of top performers.

Geoff firmly believes the use NLP as a core change management competency is key to Onirik’s success in the market.

Like Geoff all of his senior change consultants have graduated from Inspiritive; Australia’s leading NLP training provider and like Geoff most of his consultants are graduates of Inspiritive’s 10970NAT Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming programme the only post graduate NLP programme offered in Australia.

Their integrity and teaching of how to model and see patterns in people’s communication, states of mind and behaviours is far superior, rigorous and comprehensive than any other provider I have trained with. Their graduates are competent in seeing and understanding people’s patterns and in their ability to model and replicate to achieve success. That is also why my senior consultants are all Inspiritive graduates – it ensures I have quality, skilled NLP specialists working with me“.

And Geoff knows all about quality and integrity when it comes to NLP. Over the years he has trained with a range of providers as he has developed and evolved his own practice and he feels that Inspiritive stands apart from all others.

Indeed he rates the company so highly that he has brought the Collingwood’s on board with him to consultant on numerous client projects when he has needed specific expertise that they offer.

Does he feel his training and learning is complete? An emphatic no is the answer.

From Geoff’s experiences and learning thus far he believes there is always more to develop and evolve when it comes to NLP. Over the years he has worked at continually fine-tuning his own practice and intends to continue to do so as he learns from his day to day modelling as well as by observing how his team members identify patterns and create models.

When asked to summarise what NLP has to offer users Geoff offers the following personal experiences and insights;

  • It has helped him improve his relationships and communication on all levels, both personally and professionally.
  • It has helped him cultivate razor-sharp thinking and learning, he feels far more connected and aware on conscious and unconscious levels.
  • It has improved his critical, creative and lateral thinking and has enabled him to take his problem solving to a whole new level.
  • He has more choice and options available on a daily basis, personally and professionally as he communicates in a far more emotionally intelligent, connected, aware manner.
  • He has developed a real ability to identify and learn from all sorts of patterns presented through relationships and communication with others in daily life allowing him to identify, learn and duplicate models.
  • His thinking strategies and cognitive understanding have evolved to ensure accelerated learning in his chosen field.

As Geoff puts it, NLP has the ability to revolutionise your life, as has been his experience. He looks forward to how that transformation continues to evolve.

*Geoff has completed the Graduate Certificate NLP at Inspiritive. 

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