An Interview with Peter Knight, NLP Golf Coaching Expert

Peter Knight is a Master Professional with the PGA of Australia as well as the National Coach for Australia and Chinese Taipei. He also coaches at all levels, from beginner to professional, at the Yarra Bend Golf Course in Melbourne.

Instrumental to his phenomenal coaching success is his understanding and use of NLP in all of his coaching work.

“I have always been interested in the importance of developing razor sharp, positive mental and emotional agility when it comes to fine-tuning your sporting prowess to achieve a competitive edge”, explains Peter.

From the skills and knowledge he has attained Peter has used NLP to help many of his athletes compete to the best of their abilities, improving their scores and rankings in impressively short amounts of time.

“The value NLP has to offer in the sporting setting is incredible and has helped my athletes achieve phenomenal results. One extremely talented golfer I was coaching firmly believed that her golf ability was limited.,  Through conversation and using classic NLP techniques I showed how she was living according to her ‘truth’ but that her ‘truth’ was incorrect.  I used an anchoring technique with her and she had a brilliant finish to the tournament that very day.  Subsequently, she has used that same anchoring technique to enhance her performance both on and off the golf course with exceptional results”,explains Peter.

“As another example, in a phone conversation I had recently with a professional golfer who is living and competing in the US, I used a variation of the Circle of Excellence exercise which enabled him to achieve two top 10 finishes in his following two tournaments and these have been the best two performances he’s had for the year. NLP makes a real difference to my athletes, it’s incredibly powerful and adaptable to all manner of settings”.

Peter refers to his particular approach and methodology as ‘coaching by stealth’ as he tracks language and behaviours in the coaching setting. Most of the work he does focuses on conversational techniques that are incorporated into standard golf coaching contexts.

Peter’s use and appreciation of NLP’s tools and techniques is not limited to the golf world. He strongly believes they have immense relevance in all walks of life and have helped him improve his communication and relationships with peers, friends and family, making him a far more aware athlete, coach, friend and father.

Like many top performing practitioners Peter has studied with a range of providers including John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Steve Andreas and Inspiritive’s Chris and Jules Collingwood. He has graduated from Inspiritive’s 10970NAT Graduate Certificate programme the only postgraduate NLP programme offered in Australia and rates that course highly.

“Inspiritive training is experiential in nature, there is nothing prescriptive about it which makes it appealing as we are all so different, explains Peter. There are multiple exercises which are done each day to practice and reinforce your skills. As the training is largely content-free it means that as a student you learn to apply the skills however you wish while not being forced to follow a predictive series of steps. It ensures your application is organic and able to be adaptive to any number of settings, scenarios or situations. Chris and Jules encourage follow-up contact to ensure their graduates gain a complete understanding of what they are learning and experiencing when working with NLP. Their courses are comprehensive and extremely knowledgeable, meaning their graduates are of the highest quality with immense ability and emotional intelligence”.

Due to the organic nature of NLP and its scope there is no end point to the training graduates can undertake in this field and Peter agrees wholeheartedly, saying he’ll continue to practice, self-review and train in this fascinating field as there is always something new to learn or to experiment with to achieve greater results.

Without a doubt NLP has much to offer all aspects of life from personal all the way through to professional application.

*Peter Knight, has completed the Graduate Certificate NLP at Inspiritive. To learn more about this qualification and how you too can obtain it click on the Learn More button below.

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