An Interview with Jarett Lefers, an NLP Entrepreneur

In many respects Melbourne-based business entrepreneur Jarett Lefers first became interested in NLP at a very young age.

During his school years he was deeply passionate about sport and music and sought to emulate his favourite sportsmen and pianists by watching hours of video footage of them in action, observing their every move, mannerism and inflection. He’d then apply what he had observed to his own his sporting and musical endeavours and the results were phenomenal!

It was in his university days that he first came across the term ‘NLP’ in a book penned by a leading NLP trainer and recognising the parallels with his earlier passion for ‘behaviour modelling’ he went in search of training programmes that would equip him with NLP’s tools and techniques. He has never looked back.

Fast forward some years and these days Jarett owns successful gymnasium businesses in Melbourne and he also owns and manages his own business Clue X which runs business coaching and training programmes to help individuals and teams achieve excellence.

“I put my business success down to my appreciation, understanding and application of NLP, says Jarett. NLP is the science of how the brain codes learning and experience and that coding affects all communication and behavior such as how you learn and how you experience the world around you. It is a key to reaching goals and achieving excellence. It is an accelerated learning strategy for detecting and utilizing patterns in the world and turning them into ‘models’ that can be replicated by others for success”.

Without a doubt the ramifications of applying NLP have enabled Jarett to make powerful shifts in his personal and business worlds.

He particularly appreciates the focus NLP places on the study of human excellence, on focusing on how we know what we know and how we do what we do. By observing how individuals and organisations achieve outstanding results we can then teach these patterns to others so that they can generate the same class of results.

As Jarett sees it NLP enables you to leave behind your adult-learnt preconceptions and judgements and instead to revert back to a child’s world where being open, curious and full of wonder becomes second nature again. He believes this ‘childlike state’ enables you to be open to and aware of all types of patterns of attitude and behaviour and to easily recognise the models that emerge. From here you are able to teach these models to others so they can replicate them for success.

“As you develop your practice you become far more intuitive at picking up on patterns and models. NLP helps fine-tune your cognitive awareness and your perceptual intelligence to the point that as you become skilled applying the techniques you develop your own models of excellence and patterns of genius that you can apply to your own businesses”.

When it comes to the various training organisations about, both here and overseas Jarett strongly believes that it is important to train with recognized trainers who have a reputation for their skill and understanding in the field.

“I started training in NLP in my early twenties and know for a fact there are some rogues out there who train people using a very limited, prescriptive approach. It’s a cookie cutter approach that doesn’t begin to open up your world to what NLP can do and what it can offer you”.

Jarett particularly endorses Inspiritive as leading trainers as he feels the founders Chris and Jules are highly rigorous and passionate about NLP and its applications.

Jarett is a great example of the type of student Inspiritive produces having graduated from its 10970NAT Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming in 2006. Without a doubt he has gone on to achieve considerable success in the business world using NLP as a basis for building his businesses.

*Jarett has completed the Graduate Certificate in NLP at Inspiritive. To learn more about this qualification and how you too can obtain it click on the Learn More button below.

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