If you want to prioritise work more effectively, do this

Knowing What (Really) Matters

Having the ability to differentiate what is important from what is subject to awareness. Being aware that you live in a dynamic world where the only constant is change and that you need to bare this in mind at the moment engaging in any activity.

Having a plan and sticking to it regardless of how much the context that you are in changes may quite possibly not make you the most effective performer.

On the other hand, having a clear outcome backed up by an even clearer intention can provide a more useful frame at the time of organising and prioritising your work.

Here Is An Example

Imagine you are at work and have planned for the day ahead. You have filled out all the time slots in your diary so you can make the most out of your day and be as productive as humanly possible.

At around two o’clock, when you are in the middle of a major task that is extremely important to the project at hand, your boss calls you in to help him sort out an issue with a project he is handling himself. You like your boss and you know he will be fine with you declining his request, especially if you have an important task at hand.

There has been a sudden change in the environment that can potentially affect how you have planned your day whether it is positively of negatively will depend on how clear your intentions are.

Do you stop and help him, or do you continue with the task at hand?

The answer to this will be easier if you have clear intentions for being at work.

Let us say that your intention for being productive is to cause a great impression on your boss so he starts noticing how good your skills are and possibly considers you for promotion. Then this is a good opportunity to meet your intentions.

On the other hand, if your intention for being productive is to finish work in time so you can go home and spend some quality time with your family, partner, friends, or whatever it is that you do after work, then your decision may be equally obvious and different.

Please note that this is just a quick example to illustrate how this pattern can help you prioritise at work to become more effective. There obviously are thousands of ways in which this could go, but the scope of this article is to simply provide you with an idea of how to use it.

So having intentions clear intentions can help you prioritise your work in order to manage your time and resources more effectively and achieve exceptional results.

Edited by Jules Collingwood, NLP Trainer at INSPIRITIVE

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