How to Effectively Manage Anxiety

An easy-to-follow program that delivers a practical framework for addressing the negative effects of anxiety

Anxiety is the number one reason people visit their general practitioner. It is the most widespread psychological problem and one that many people are uncomfortable talking about. There are many forms and aspects to anxiety. Fortunately there are some simple and effective strategies that people can employ to manage this significant problem.

Typical outcomes for participants include:

  •  learn to recognise the triggers for anxiety and how to change those triggers
  •  become aware of the mental process you use when anxious and develop a number of ways to change that thinking process.
  •  develop a skill in interrupting anxiety
  •  find out it the anxiety has any benefit in the situation time and place where it typically occur
  •  develop alternative ways of having any benefits met as an alternative to being anxious
  •  learn how to decrease the intensity of an anxious state
  •  learn how to replace an anxious state with an alternative state that is more functional and useful

Managing Anxiety Case Story: A woman lost her anxiety on a walk

Can a person lose anxiety spontaneously?

During a course in Ericksonian Hypnosis I had a student who was so anxious she had a constant tremor in her hands!

In one exercise I had the class in trance and told them to wake in an external focused state. Open peripheral vision, auditory attention on the external world with no internal dialogue. I sent them on a walk with instructions that their unconscious minds would draw their attention to something in the environment that was a symbolic representation for a significant learning for their lives.

One student was very late coming back and when she arrived told me the following story. Despite having lived in Sydney all her life and knowing the local area she had been completely lost. Instead of feeling anxious she felt calm and comfortable and so continued her walk. She said that after half an hour she ‘found herself’, knew where she was and came straight back.

I could see that she was in a great state. The tremor had gone and she exhibited no signs of anxiety for the rest of the course. I met her about 10 years later and she said she no longer suffered from anxiety. Have you met anyone who made an instant change?

Choose the Path that is Right for You

This program is available as individual one-on-one coaching ( in person or online )
or as a 1 day group workshop

Option 01

1 Day Workshop

Investment:  $3000 ( up to 10 attendees )
Format: 1 x 6hr day
Our one day workshop is an excellent way to quickly train your entire team and immediately boost the productivity of your organisation.

Quickly Improve Productivity

The 1 day intensive offers a new framework that can be implemented immediately across all levels of organisation

Immediate Engagement

See the ‘why’ of the program and practice applying it within your organisation or with other friendly motivated participants

Enhanced Collaboration

Discover new ideas, refine your approach and connect with your team or a wider professional network

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Option 02

1 on 1 Coaching

Investment:  $1100
Format: 3 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions

This approach works best for individuals that are unable to commit to a full day program

Individual Attention

Get the undivided focus and attention of your coach for tailored applications that are perfect for you

Greater Privacy

Change can be deeply personal and may include challenging material. These sessions offer the comfort of privacy

Thrive at Your Own Pace

Work at a pace that works for you with the support to hone, adjust and reinvigorate yourself as new experiences arise

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“In a personal context I find I’m happier and I am achieving my outcomes more often. I can choose to be in resourceful states, I find my internal dialogues are helpful – not critical. I am changing my habits and beliefs, reinforcing the ones that bring success and creating new ones to replace the ones that generate conflict. “
~ Geoff Wade, CEO, Onirik – View Full Testimonial

Geoff is an Inspiritive graduate that uses NLP to guarantee phenomenal performance boosts for his client’s businesses

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