Applications of NLP

Competitive Advantage, State and Performance

Get More Done In Less Time Without Compromising Quality

In today’s hyper-connected world you are expected to be able to respond to an incredibly diverse range of tasks without any compromise to performance.

Phone calls, interruptions, changes to plans, difficult new information, people issues, impromptu meetings and unforeseen circumstances all contrive to pull you from an ideal state of focus and effectiveness.

Knowing how to activate and maintain high performance states allows you to maintain control as you switch from one type of activity to another while managing interruptions without any significant loss of quality output.

Our program Competitive Advantage, State and Performance is a remote learning program that is designed to teach you how to access, activate and apply high performance states critical to the quality of your performance and your productivity to give you a competitive advantage in your work or business.

Composing a Brighter Future

Design A Future That Is Aligned With Your Values

Most people don’t achieve their desires for one simple reason; they have internal opposition to the outcome.

A mind at war with itself can achieve nothing.

The Creating Compelling Futures program is a set of proven behavioural patterns that give participants the clarity, congruence and capacity to confidently achieve their desired outcomes.

Participants learn essential skills that can be applied with equal efficacy to personal, professional or organisational outcomes to save time, money and unnecessary mental or emotional complexity.

The Rules of Engagement

Get Better Results From Your Team With Advanced Communication Strategies

As a leader of your venture your most precious commodity is your time. You need to be able to set frames and tasks for your people effectively, efficiently and in a single interaction.

Too often leaders encounter the following problems when leading others:

  • they find themselves having to make the same request to the same person multiple times
  • there are misunderstandings by the employee about the scope, timeframe, details, intention and evidence for the requested task or project
  • some employees do not know how to get clarification, lack resources or do not know how to ask for required resources for the task
  • employees maybe incongruent about the task or project but do not voice their concerns
  • founders need to be able but may not not know how to frame a task or a project to get buy-in and engagement from staff

Leading Effective Meetings

Save Time And Money By Running Meetings That Boost Staff Productivity And Morale

Leading Effective Meetings teaches a unique framework that delivers immediate improvements to communication, culture and team morale

It is designed to transfer the patterns of organising, running and participating in effective meetings to all participants in a manner that is both entertaining and informative.

Typical outcomes for participants include:

  • Increased levels of staff morale
  • Improved Productivity
  • Better synergy and team collaboration
  • Enhanced resource allocation

Making Better Decisions

Learn How To Maximise Your Effectiveness

This program teaches a simple yet powerful set of tools to assist in clarifying outcomes, sharpening focus and leveraging new opportunities to achieve results in satisfyingly effective ways.

Would achieving your goals faster and cheaper be useful for you?

Making poor decisions costs more than just time and money; it can result in a whole raft of unintended consequences that can affect health, reputation and relationships.

This program teaches a simple yet powerful set of tools to assist in clarifying outcomes, sharpening focus and leveraging new opportunities to achieve results in satisfyingly effective ways.

The Trading Edge; Becoming an Exceptional Trader

Develop An Edge In Your Trading Performance

The development of expertise and expert performance in trading the markets is premised on the following;

  • Expertise has ‘patterns of organisation
  • Expertise can be captured, described and transferred to others

Expertise in trading has a significant Trading Psychology component. Having an ‘expert model’ for trading combined with trading psychology principles will lead to expertise in trading and exceptional results.

Managing Anxiety

An Online Learning Program On The Structure And Function Of Anxiety And How To Manage It

Approximately 30% of the population suffers from some form of Anxiety!

It’s a serious and often debilitating problem that impacts a person’s quality of life as well as their performance at work.

In this remote learning program we address the following topics critical to understanding and managing this problem.

  • What is anxiety?
  • The structure of anxiety
  • The thought processes that generate anxiety
  • Language patterns and the perception of the future
  • Self talk and anxiety
  • Strategies for managing and transforming anxiety

Training in NLP

Certificate in Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

So you’re interested in learning the powerful tools, strategies and life changing principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming but…

You are searching for the best quality training, at an affordable price while receiving the best possible return on your investment

We all want to maximise the use of our time and money when it comes to investing in our future.

At Inspiritive we offer you the opportunity to do this. By joining our cutting edge NLP Practitioner Certification you will not only make the most out your investment but you will also earn three units of credit towards an Australian Government recognised and accredited postgraduate qualification in NLP (financing options are available if you enrol for this postgraduate qualification*).

Your three steps to achieving Exceptional Effectiveness:

  • Complete and pass the first 3 units of our graduate program and we will issue you with a certificate as a practitioner of NLP.
  • Attend and pass 2 more units and we issue you a certificate as a master practitioner of NLP.
  • Complete the final 3 units and earn a Graduate Certificate in NLP*, the world’s first recognised postgraduate qualification in NLP.

*To gain entry into the Grad Cert NLP program prospective students must hold a nationally recognised Advanced Diploma, a Bachelor’s degree or have five years management experience.

Nationally Accredited Training

NAT10970001 Experience NLP Fundamentals

An Introduction To The Graduate Certificate In Neuro-Linguistic Programming Including Foundations In The New Code Of NLP

Discover the New Code of NLP

Discover an advanced form of NLP and find out how this technology can be applied to make a real difference in your performance, your learning and your ability to create what you want in your life.

How would you like to experience a form of NLP that you can apply naturally and effortlessly into most areas of your life?

Dr. John Grinder the co-originator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming has reorganised and extended the original (known as the classic code) into a new form that is simple to learn, is simple to use with yourself, and is simple to apply in your personal and professional life. This new streamlined form of NLP is known as the new code and represents the greatest advance in NLP since its inception in the mid-nineteen seventies.

10970NAT Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming


The Graduate Certificate in Neuro-linguistic Programming program is the highest level fully accredited NLP qualification available in Australia today.

It is also the only nationally recognised course of its kind. The program covers all the significant developments in NLP from the major schools, bringing together the essence of the classic patterns alongside the insights of the New Code, resulting in a powerful, unparalleled graduate course.

This course has been created with the endorsement of NLP co-founder, John Grinder and is the most rigorous and comprehensive course of its type available, setting an impressive benchmark for NLP education.

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