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NLP Methodology for Creating Models

NLP Methodology and Modelling, Psychology and Cognitive Science NLP is a field of endeavour whose primary purpose is to create models of human excellence. It is, at its core, an epistemology and a methodology for creating models of how we know what we know, and how those who excel are able to perform with excellence […]

Experimental Methodology in NLP Research

Introduction Einspruch & Forman (1985) criticised 29 research studies on the basis of 6 methodological errors, concluding that a large amount of psychological research into NLP concepts was invalid because of errors and oversights in experimental design which compromised its scientific credibility. Sharpley (1987) rightly questioned the validity of some of these methodological objection on […]

Preferred Representational Systems

Much of the research done in the 1980s on NLP as concerned with a concept developed by Bandler & Grinder (1976); the highly valued representational system, an adjunct to the representational systems model whose basic premise is that people represent and organise the external world using internal systems based on the five senses. Bandler and […]

NLP Research Literature Overview

A Summary of Research Reviews A large amount of research on NLP was done in the early 1980s on a construct called the “Preferred Representational System” (PRS). It has been surmised that proponents of NLP have, in the past (Sharpley, 1987) had “little to support them and much to answer to in the research literature.” […]