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Use your Buts Well by Steve Andreas

One powerful aspect of NLP is to discover what kind of internal experience is elicited by the use of specific language. This enables us to use language in a very directed way in order to get the results that we want. Often the careful examination of a single word yields great dividends, and the word […]

Selecting a Resource to Anchor (NLP Anchoring)

There are many, many aspects of skillful anchoring. The elicitation, the timing, the smoothness and naturalness of introducing the anchor, the skill with which the anchored state is integrated or sequenced with the target state, etc. In this article, we want to focus on only one aspect of anchoring, selecting the state to anchor. As […]

NLP Practitioners Doing Therapy?!

Fairly often people object to having newly-minted NLP practitioners doing therapy (even if they call it “counseling,” or “personal change,” or something else). Typically there are two kinds of concern: “How well can someone be helped?” and “What is the danger that someone might be harmed?” by an inappropriate method, or by the therapist’s lack of […]

NLP Modal Operators

In the January, 2000 issue, I pointed out that the meta-model was the foundation and origin of NLP. All the many specific methods and techniques that have been developed over the last 25 years have evolved out of asking questions based on it, and it still remains a foundational understanding for the entire field. I […]

Certainty and Uncertainty by Steve Andreas

The following is a very interesting exchange between Richard Bandler and someone who is very sure about something. B: Are you sure? P: Yes. B: Are you sure you’re sure? P: Yes. B: Are you sure enough to be UNSURE? P: Yes. B: OK, Let’s talk. A Journey Through Logical Levels Before reading further, I […]

A Brief History of NLP Timelines

NLP Timelines has become an integral model within NLP. In this article Steve Andreas describes how he and his partner Connirae Andreas developed a NLP Timeline model based on their exploration of the application of Submodalities. – Chris Collingwood. The Evolution of a Pattern Seminar participants often ask how a particular NLP pattern evolves. Indeed, if […]