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The beginner’s guide to working with the unconscious mind

Definition of the unconscious mind In NLP we define the unconscious mind as representing those physiological and cognitive processes that occur outside of conscious awareness. Physiological processes include respiration, hormonal response, etc. Some examples of unconscious cognitive processes include dreaming, ideomotor responses, and learned unconscious competences such as letter recognition, word recognition and grammar processing […]

The most important development in the history of NLP

Some early developments in NLP In the early 1980s the co-creator of NLP, Richard Bandler, and NLP developers Connirae and Steve Andreas, did significant work on developing the submodality model of NLP. Submodalities are the sensory elements that make up our representations. A visual image will have components such as shape, size, spatial location, colour […]

How To Leverage Personal Change in Clients Using NLP: A Case Study

Self-employed Psychologist It was almost home time on Friday when I received a distressed call. John had been retrenched earlier in the week explaining a heartless termination meeting handled poorly and without compassion. Asking to see me John then recounted his experience several times with, increasing anger and resentment. An employee of some years he was […]

An Interview With Daniel Smith, NLP Trainer

Daniel Smith is a passionate advocate of NLP having trained with major figures in the NLP world including Dr John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts and Anthony Robbins. Currently based in China and the Chairman of The China NLP Society, Daniel is highly qualified as a multi-Certified Trainer of NLP, a Certified Trainer of New […]

Mirror Neurons: The neuro-Psychology of NLP Modelling

Psychological Research Supporting Elements of NLP Traditional Psychology and Cognitive Science research in various fields, such as learning and memory, attention, cognitive load, psycholinguistics, neural networks and neuroscience, call attention to many concepts relevant to offering support and further insight into underlying principles, processes and assumptions which form the core of NLP modelling and applications. […]

An Interview With Jarett Lefers, An NLP Entrepreneur

In many respects Melbourne-based business entrepreneur Jarett Lefers first became interested in NLP at a very young age. During his school years he was deeply passionate about sport and music and sought to emulate his favourite sportsmen and pianists by watching hours of video footage of them in action, observing their every move, mannerism and […]